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Chris O’Toole

66 year old Sileby man feels the benefit of Pilates Gold classes

“I am an author and entomologist specialising in wild bees. This means that I spend a lot of time at my computer or staring down a microscope. Now I have cause to be very grateful to my wife Rose for persuading me to join Mairi’s Pilates classes. After just a few sessions I noticed a improvement in my general flexibility and I now no longer suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders after long hours at my desk.
Furthermore, in mini heat wave in the last week of March 2012, I did some freelance work for a television company making a film about a rare species of wild bee. This involved my yomping literally for miles through the huge sand dune systems north of Liverpool and on the coast of south Wales, searching for dense nesting aggregations of this bee. I surprised myself with the relative ease with which I, a 66 year-old, was able to do this – thanks to Mairi’s classes I was fitter than I realised and I suffered none of the stiffness I expected and I was also surprised at my enhanced energy levels.

I can thoroughly recommend Mairi’s Pilates classes. They involve well thought out exercise routines with no strain involved. By the way, I’m the only man in the two classes I attend each week and Mairi and her ladies are very gentle with me!”


Chris O’Toole.

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