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Beacuse all new mums deserve to be treated like a Princess!







Every new mum deserves to be treated like a Princess!

With yesterday’s FABulous news the one thing that struck me was how beautiful both princesses skin looked and there she was in that beautiful flowery dress and moderate heels smiling and waving to the crowds of adoring fans.

I bet Kathryn has been nourishing herself well through her pregnancy and doing the right kind of exercise appropriate for her. I also guarantee she won’t be going home (granted to her palace) and trying to survive on toast and coffee whilst looking after her new daughter. I know her fridge will be full of nourishing foods to ensure her body is best able to look after her and her new baby whilst also keeping a toddler happy. Did you realise the foods you eat to nourish yourself are so vital for your baby and your own physical and mental wellbeing?

I may never have had a baby (do 3 puppies count?) but I have looked after plenty of women who do and those who nourish themselves well both mentally and physically appear to have happier babies and enjoy the whole parenting thing a little more. Remember whatever you eat is what your baby is eating too and I wander if some of them don’t take to the breast because they just don’t like the taste of the breast milk and what it’s full of? It can also take a few days for your milk to come through so being patient, relaxed and nourished can all support this process – good fats, good starches and lots of greens to get all your macro and micro nutrients in and help that all important milk flow.

Did you know back in the day they used to recommend all post-natal mums had up to 2 week’s worth of daily Epsom salt baths to help them with their healing and post natal recovery – plus it gives you 20 minutes just to recharge and rebalance – all so important for the full time wonderful role of being a new mum.

A top tip I shared with a number of my clients was to have some frozen juices in stock – not because we are going to do a juice detox – but because for a busy mum on the go what  better way to nourish yourself than have a stock of great juices to grab and go and keep you hydrated and nourished whilst breastfeeding?

The one other thing I can guarantee is that Kathryn will not be ignoring “ones” leaks and troubles down there (if she has any?)! I am astounded at the number of new mums and young women who are ignoring their incontinence , piles and don’t even know whether their  tummies are reconnected or not – so they wet themselves whilst star jumping(thinking this is normal – trust me it’s not)! Have painful bowel movements and get back ache or complain their tummy muscles have gone- when all they need is the Royal treatment courtesy of FABfitness.

Well to all you FABulous Princesses out there – you should be stamping your glass slipper and saying no more making some time for you and booking an appointment to come and see myself so that I can help you find the right strategies to help you holistically re-connect, ditch the panty liners and help you reconnect and find your way back to you!



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