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FABbiomechanics – It’s what’s on the inside that counts

As a Biomechanics coach I can offer you a full body screen to discover if there are any bio mechanical issues you should be aware of to ensure you are able to move more freely. This will help me to prescribe suitable exercises, based on your specific needs. My sole aim is to empower you to be able to manage your body and enjoy the activities you wish to do!

What is a Biomechanics coach™?

A Biomechanics Coach is trained in intrinsic biomechanics and will be able to perform a full-body biomechanical screen, establishing any areas of mechanical weakness in an individual. A fully trained coach can screen the shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees, ankles, nerves and muscles to see if they are functioning correctly; if these are not working well, then a Biomechanics Coach will be able to determine whether that is due to genetic issues or something that is developing due to poor technique, posture problems, inadequate rehabilitation or ergonomic set-up.

Once this has been established, the coach will be able to prescribe an exercise programme to help eradicate the problems identified and the client will usually return to be periodically re-tested, to evaluate progress, with the programme modified accordingly.

I normally recommend seeing me every 4-6 weeks initially for a re-screen to see how you are progressing however the programme normally lasts approximately 18 weeks in total.

Why consult a Biomechanics coach™?

Recurrent injury – If the client has a recurrent injury, a Biomechanics Coach will be able to determine whether there are any biomechanical problems that may be causing it to occur repeatedly; a series of exercises would then be prescribed, to help minimise the risk of recurrence.

Pain when exercising – If the client experiences pain when running, sitting at a desk or working in the gym, a biomechanics coach can establish whether that pain has a biomechanical cause, then prescribe remedial exercises; however, Biomechanics Coaches would not diagnose or treat injury unless they have a therapy or medical qualification. I do not therefore diagnose, and will refer you to appropriate Health Care Professionals as neccessary.

Optimal performance – If the client is unable to perform a particular sporting or physical task, and there is no obvious reason why, then a Biomechanics Coach will be able to advise if the cause is biomechanical in nature, then prescribe corrective exercises.

Our Biomechanics Coaching prices are as follows:

Initial Screen £77.00

Follow Up Sessions £57.00

Special Web Offer £177:00 (£157:00 for current FABclients) for 3 screens (I recommend a re-screen every 2-3 weeks over the course of 6-9 weeks)

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Biomechanics Coach

The Biomechanics Coaching Association of the UK is the body representing all Biomechanics Coaches™ trained by Intelligent Training Systems™. The Association was launched at their first conference in Leicester on the 19th of November 2010. The UKBCA provides support services ranging from specialised Biomechanics Coaching Insurance, relevant Biomechanics Coaching articles, local support groups, PR and marketing and personal mentoring to all of its members.

Biomechanics Coach

Intelligent Training Systems™ (ITS) are a training company who provide education programmes in to occupational health, fitness, coaching and therapy arenas. They train their coaches to prescribe exercises that are client specific to enable them to function to the best of their ability. ITS specialise in the application of Biomechanics into sports performance, conditioning, injury prevention, rehabilitation and occupational health and provide consultancy to clubs and teams to conduct biomechanics screening on behalf of their members.

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