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    Our Marathon runners cross the finish line

    Sarah MorleyFABmassage helped me to get to the London Marathon in great shape, and achieve a finish time of 4 hours.  Dan as a runner, understands my objectives and training plan and the impact of running on my muscles.  Massage helped to ensure that I could build up my training whilst remaining injury free, and I would definitely recommend Dan and FABmassage.

    Sarah Morely May 2013


    dean pic1 – What  made you choose FABmassage?

    Having previously had numerous sports massages from professionals around the Loughborough area, I heard of FAB massages via my wife Suzette who had attended several sessions with Dan during her London Marathon preparations in 2012.  I had also heard positive reports of Dan’s work through Barrow Runners (our local running club).  My first couple of sessions with Dan were carried out prior to me running the Belfast Marathon in May 2012.  Since then I have called upon Dan’s services several more times when I have needed work to revitalise my aching/sore muscles prior and after key running and triathlon events

    2- What is the key benefit you have gained from working with FABmassage?

    I have suffered many muscles related strains/stresses over the years through the sporting activities that I carry out, however, I know through experiencing Dan’s sessions is that he has an excellent knowledge of muscle types/groups and how to alleviate problems associated with them.  Following sessions, whilst I accepted that there would be a short period of muscle discomfort and dehydration, once this had surpassed, my muscles felt refreshed with a reduction in aching/stiffness thus allowing me to perform at an improved level during my events.

    3- Why would you recommend FABmassage to anyone else?

    I would recommend Dan for several reasons.  The first, as mentioned above is his knowledge in the disciplines he practices.  A knowledge that he has developed further over the years in order to provide me with an improved session and outcome.  His sessions are both relaxing and enjoyable, as is his personality and manner.  His professionalism is always maintained and whilst other massage professionals will run a session based on a timescale, I have always found that Dan would extend beyond the hour in order to provide me with the full benefits from his sessions.

    Dean Tonks May 2013


    I was looking on the internet and came across FAB’s website, which impressed me so I contacted them. At the time I was desperate for some treatment, especially on my Hamstring. I was due to do the London Marathon 4/5 days later and at short noticed they fit me in on that day. It was a massive help and I can’t thank Dan enough to get me in so quickly.

    They got me prepared for my long runs and really freshened me up physically and mentally.

    Not only did it support me in my running but it also gave me the confidence I needed to fulfil the London Marathon. They supplied rock tape on a few tender areas on the legs, and they are very reliable. Dan cares for his clients and gives a lot of advice in the massage itself but also keeps in contact with you by giving you links of his expert advice on the internet.

    Alex Palmer May 2013

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    How much do classes cost?

    Your 1st class is only £7:50 and then you can make a block booking as per the pricing schedule below

    1 class a week = £6:50 a class
    2 classes a week = £6:25 a class
    3+ classes a week = £6:00 a class

    FABcard £49:00 for six classes book on the day valid for 12 weeks .

    How can I pay you?

    BACS is my preferred method of payment and details can be sent if requested.

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