FABmums get a new look for summer

Our Marathon runners cross the finish line

FABmassage helped me to get to the London Marathon in great shape, and achieve a finish time of 4 hours.  Dan as a runner, understands my objectives and training plan and the impact of running on my muscles.  Massage helped to ensure that I could build up my training whilst remaining injury free, and I would definitely recommend Dan and FABmassage. Sarah Morely May 2013   1 – What  made you choose FABmassage? Having previously had numerous sports massages from professionals around the Loughborough area, I heard of FAB massages via my wife Suzette who had attended several sessions with Dan during her London Marathon preparations in 2012.  I had also heard positive reports of Dan’s work through Barrow Runners … Continue reading

FAB massage gets you up and about……

I was involved in a car accident where someone drove into the back of me. Along with shock I suffered whiplash and concussion, had pain in my lower back, shoulders and one side of my head. When I saw  Dan two days after the accident I had a continual headache and was aching especially in my lower back, pelvic area and shoulders. Dan examined me, took a note of where I was  experiencing discomfort  and what I was most concerned about. When he applied Kinesio tape to my back, shoulders and neck I have to admit  I was  very sceptical on what the tape could or would do to help me but it has been amazing. The dull headache disappeared, my back, shoulders … Continue reading

FAB fat burning

So this week I travelled up to Blackpool via the Hairy Bikers to spend a day with ME – metabolic effect http://www.metaboliceffect.com/ and have so much share that just like the world of diets and weight loss it can be hard to know where to start, so often we don’t start at all. But start I will with the key points I walked away with thanks to the inspiration that is Jade Teta and Jill Coleman. The key to all fat loss which is very different to weight loss (who wants to just be a smaller apple or pear – or an obese aerobics instructor – which is where I was for years) is getting your H,E,C in check. Whether you … Continue reading

Juicy news review juicy talk

FABilicious juicy news Our first Juicy Talk went down a storm and the 17 people that attended all found it a really informative and fun talk (their words not mine). In fact many wished it could have lasted for longer! The talk lasted for 2 ¼ hours during which time I shared why juicing may be a suitable addition to your health and wellbeing, the benefits of juicing, different types of juicers, and we tasted many different types of juices and smoothies. I also took the opportunity to share some of my clean cooking cakes and cookies, with our “tea” break a delicious cup of hug in a mug, which were thoroughly enjoyed and added to the sense of wellbeing … Continue reading

FABjuicy Giveaway!

FAB 14 day juicilious giveaway Starting on 27th Dec for every class you attend until the 11th Jan 2013 your name will be entered into a daily draw with lots of juicy giveaways to celebrate me qualifying as the East Midlands 1st Natural Juice Therapist. On the 11th January I will put all the names in a hat and one lucky person will win the Phillips Juicer and starter pack to get their 2013 off to a Juicilious start. Remember the more classes you attend the more chances you have to win some FABjuicy prizes! This offer is not valid for free classes. (there are 14 days of classes till I go away – hence the 14 day give away) … Continue reading

Come and be juiced!

Come and be juiced! Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Want more energy, vitality and va-va-voom? Would you like to know what it is about juicing that got 20,000 people across 50 countries doing a world wide 7 day juice detox? At FAB I will be hosting a 2 hour workshop on February 9th sharing the how, the what and the why of juicing! Our last workshop in November was super successful with many people getting a juicer straight away or for Xmas and feeling the benefits of this natural fast food. This is an informative and tasty talk with lots of demonstrations, testing and tasting! Tickets cost £25:00 and include a free book to take home and … Continue reading

Tiara Time

This week I was listening to a FABulous teleseminar on stress and hormones and loved the notion I am about to share with you. At this time of year we all need to take time for ourselves to ensure that we can keep sharing the love. Welcome to tiara time: I really think for women, whether you mother children or you mother your cause in the world, we are wired to over provide. We’re wired to give until we drop. We’re wired to give often more than is sustainable. Many people can find their way out of that by starting to step away from the people pleasing that can be so depleting and starting to get more boundaries, which is … Continue reading

EVERYONE’s an Expert!

So here we are 20 weeks until the finish line. The sugar fest that is Halloween has been and gone for another year. British sausage week http://www.lovepork.co.uk is running in conjunction with fireworks night – who doesn’t love a good banger ? And now it is the 7 week marathon to Xmas, and yes many people approach the Xmas festivities in much the same way they would a marathon, plans, strategies, trial runs, teams of supporters and a sense of achievement when it all comes together at the end, which then starts the planning for next year, when you will be even more prepared, better organised, bigger and better……… So how is your training going? With 20 weeks you still … Continue reading

Is your diet helping or hindering your performance?

Many of your reading this blog may well have run the Leicester Half marathon at the weekend and well done on yet another FABulous sporting achievement this year! For some it may have been part of your annual training schedule, for some it may have been your first half marathon and for others it may have inspired you to sign up for your own half marathon. We hope that the Loughborough Half March 24th 2013 will be part of your personal plans next year. So how are you feeling now a few days after your run? Did your post race celebrations and nutrition help or hinder your recovery? Following your race do you believe you can eat whatever you like … Continue reading


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