Q. How much do classes cost?


Your 1st class is only £7:50 and then you can make a block booking as per the pricing schedule below

1 class a week = £6:50 a class
2 classes a week = £6:25 a class
3+ classes a week = £6:00 a class

FABcard £49:00 for six classes book on the day valid for 12 weeks .

Q. How can I pay you?


BACS is my preferred method of payment and details can be sent if requested.

Q. How do I pay for block bookings?


All block bookings will need to be paid for in advance on the sixth class of your current block to guarantee your place and to minimise the number of no shows experienced between blocks. Should you provide me with less than 48 hours’ notice you will lose your booking unless we can find an alternative class for you in the same week.

Q. How long will you hold a place for me?


Once a block booking has finished if you do not rebook within two weeks, and I don’t hear from you, you acknowledge that I will be able to offer your space to another client if there is a waiting list.

Q. If I make a block booking, can I miss any classes?


I like to be able to offer the flexibility of working around your commitments, so paying in advance does not negate your opportunity to “miss” classes as long as agreed at time of booking. Therefore you may finish a block, pay for your next block on your sixth class but then be on holiday for two weeks, for example, at no cost to you, but with a guaranteed space on your return, when you would start your new block.

Q. How do I contact you if I need to change a booking?


I will also ask that all bookings and bookings changes are made in writing to bookingsatfab@hotmail.co.uk
To this end once you inform bookingsatfab of your availability, in advance of your block, they will write back and confirm that your classes have been booked before the start of your next block. This way we can ensure all classes start on time.

Q. What happens if I need to miss a class at the last minute?


In exceptional circumstances I will work with you to minimise any additional stress on your life – this is at my discretion and in consultation and agreement with yourself.

Q. If I book a block what happens if I go on holiday or work calls me into a meeting?


As long as you give bookingstafab@hotmail.co.uk 48 hours notice of any cancellations we will simply carry your class over. That way you get the best price for you and still enjoy your holidays and work events or parents evenings.

Q. What happens if I give less than 48 hours notice.


Unfortunately this would mean you lose that class unless there is a suitable alternative to book you into that week. We will do our best to find you another class. If your diary doesn’t permit then you would lose the class.

Q. How does the FABflexible card work?


You buy the 6 classes for £40:00 and then all you need to do is text on the day or 48 hours before to check class availability. If there is a space then you can come to class. This offers you complete flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle.


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