This made me smile……………

 So this morning the local copy of Rural Trader Landed on my doorstep and there was my advert for KSFL on the front cover. There was also an advert for LEAP a completely free 10 week programme run by Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service, and a flyer from Legacy Training for their fat loss camps and that’s what made me smile 🙂 Have we all decided March is the month to finally come out of hibernation and let you know about all the FABulous services on offer to you, and that’s what I think is FAB about our local area there is just so much choice, and having choice is better than having none. Finding the trainer and programme that … Continue reading

Is it time to stop making your kids your excuse for not loving you?

This morning I woke up to one of the best photos I have seen from one of my favourite clients (well actually they are all my favourite clients) and her FABulous 6 year old of a huge beaming smile from both of them as they had just completed their half term morning workout together – HOW FABulous! Now what type of workout would keep a busy mum and 6 year old boy in the zone together – well a Tababta® workout it’s only 4 minutes!, or even a 10 minute KSFL® workout will do just that. So for this mum instead of letting half term become another week of struggle, guilt and letting yourself go, “‘cos you can always start … Continue reading

My summer FABtransformation

“I was determined to get back my pre-baby figure by myself and tried a number of methods, including slimfast – which my family asked me to stop due to my ‘ferocious mood’, skipping meals and fasting, calorie counting, and exercise ‘binging’. Not only was I overweight, I felt increasingly bad about myself in general. I’ve always been a confident person and I felt that my ‘spark’ was disappearing. It affected my work too, I didn’t want to do the things I enjoyed about my job, like making presentations and going to events. I wasn’t glamorous anymore and that honestly made me really sad because making an effort with my appearance had been part of who I was for such a long time. … Continue reading

Keep your litmus paper blue

It’s all about the pH! keep your litmus paper blue!!     So whilst we may all know that the body is 78% water did you know your actual cells are 98% water and that in order for them to remain healthy they need a pH of 7.4. This means they prefer a slightly alkaline environment to an acidic one! Remember the litmus paper at school went yellow to red for acidic or blue to purple for alkaline!. Dr Mark Cochrane in his book “The secrets of pH concerning health and disease” has stated that in order to prevent disease and premature aging the body should remain in a slightly alkaline condition – you want your litmus paper to be … Continue reading

The benefits of a FABulicious lifestyle…….

Juicing why bother What’s the point in juicing – why can’t you just eat it? What about the waste, the fibre, the mess, the time it takes are all the FABulous questions you get asked as soon as you decide that you want to look after your health and wellbeing and choose juicing as one of the options to improved health, vitality and VA VA Voom! Did you know that in Japan the recommended number of portions of vegetables and fruit is 17! In the Us 7 and Europe around about  9 and here in the Uk we are thought to be only able to cope with 5 and yes did you notice I put vegetables and fruit in that … Continue reading


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