Wedding Testimonial

I got engaged in December 2010, and started Fab Bootcamp that March in preparation for my wedding in July 2012. That developed into Kettlercise and I added on Pilates too in August. I love Kettlercise! Ever since I started I can really feel my body changing shape! It’s hard work but worth it! I felt a lot of pressure to look good in my wedding dress (mostly from myself!) and I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes in the Autumn of 2011. So I joined the FABtransformation programme to change my lifestyle and have the confidence to wear the most expensive dress I will ever own! Mairi’s support and education, explained where I was going wrong (too … Continue reading

FAB Success for Sue

Here’s a little message from one of our FAB people!   Hi Mairi   As we start the New Year, I just want to thank you for your support and inspiration that helped me through 2012.   This time last year, I embarked on my second attempt to Shut Up My Duck – The Duck Club, as I called it. I set my goals. How would I feel when I Shut the Duck Up? For me, it would be dropping a dress size and losing weight off my back. It would be having a flatter tummy and, yes, I had a goal weight in mind even though ‘scales are for fish’.   I managed to Shut Up my Duck one … Continue reading

Chris O’Toole

66 year old Sileby man feels the benefit of Pilates Gold classes “I am an author and entomologist specialising in wild bees. This means that I spend a lot of time at my computer or staring down a microscope. Now I have cause to be very grateful to my wife Rose for persuading me to join Mairi’s Pilates classes. After just a few sessions I noticed a improvement in my general flexibility and I now no longer suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders after long hours at my desk. Furthermore, in mini heat wave in the last week of March 2012, I did some freelance work for a television company making a film about a rare species of wild … Continue reading


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