Wedding Testimonial

I got engaged in December 2010, and started Fab Bootcamp that March in preparation for my wedding in July 2012. That developed into Kettlercise and I added on Pilates too in August. I love Kettlercise! Ever since I started I can really feel my body changing shape! It’s hard work but worth it! I felt a lot of pressure to look good in my wedding dress (mostly from myself!) and I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes in the Autumn of 2011. So I joined the FABtransformation programme to change my lifestyle and have the confidence to wear the most expensive dress I will ever own! Mairi’s support and education, explained where I was going wrong (too … Continue reading

Craig Johnstone

Client: Craig Johnstone Age: 43 Occupation: Company Director Hobbies: Golf, Cycling Title: Increased Mobility and No bad back? Treatments: Biomechanics, Massage, Pilates Background Craig has always played sport however a career that involves lots of driving and sitting at a desk operating a computer coupled with a 22 year incidence of his spine and pelvis becoming out of alignment led to his back and pelvic muscles being in permanent spasm. This caused a poor level of mobility and an increased regularity of his ongoing back problems. Naturally competitive, this debilitating situation had led to him stopping his badminton, was spoiling his enjoyment of his golf and effected the activities that he could enjoy with his two young girls. Task Initially … Continue reading

Improve Your Swing

For many years golf has been considered a sport of more technical skill rather than an athletic one, Practice! Practice! Practice! was generally considered all that was necessary to improve. Today, the focus is very much on the body; having good flexibility and a great core, is an example of this. Being fitter not only physically, but mentally too, is generally what is now considered to be the way to performing better on the course whilst remaining injury free. It is NOT the role of the Biomechanics Coach to teach the golf swing or indeed how to avoid any of the above swing faults. Role of the Biomechanics Coach The Biomechanics Coach whilst needing an understanding of the common swing … Continue reading

Transformation Testimonials

“The truth is, you choose your destiny. You choose to be as good as you want to be and you choose to do as good as you want to do. Stop making excuses and just face reality, because there will always be something that stands in your way of success.”- Jodi L. Stelt ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? THE DIFFERENCE THAT IS YOU? FABtransformation 1 (Mum of 2 teenage children) “The FABtransformation programme has been just what I have been waiting for. Having tried every diet there is from Slimming World to Fat flush it is great to finally feel that I am in charge and it is something that I can work at and live with for … Continue reading

Joy’s Testimonial

I am 58 and have never been a very physical person regarding exercise, just gentle swimming and yoga now and again. I have been attending Classes with Mairi for a number of years now, Pilates being recommended to me by a physiotherapist to strengthen my core muscles. The muscles of my back had gone into spasm, maybe caused from general degeneration, many years of nursing and bad posture. The problem reoccurred recently due to inactivity on holiday! Then just as things were improving, I unfortunately had a fall with the muscles round my spine again receiving some damage. With the help of personal instruction from Mairi, I now exercise on a daily basis combining Pilates and Biomechanics to continue to … Continue reading

FAB Success for Sue

Here’s a little message from one of our FAB people!   Hi Mairi   As we start the New Year, I just want to thank you for your support and inspiration that helped me through 2012.   This time last year, I embarked on my second attempt to Shut Up My Duck – The Duck Club, as I called it. I set my goals. How would I feel when I Shut the Duck Up? For me, it would be dropping a dress size and losing weight off my back. It would be having a flatter tummy and, yes, I had a goal weight in mind even though ‘scales are for fish’.   I managed to Shut Up my Duck one … Continue reading

Ruth Stewart

Ruth regained her pre baby body and fitness for life as a new mum Client: Ruth Stewart Age: 28 Occupation: European Operations Analyst Hobbies: Socialising, spending time with family, exercising (thanks to you!!), cinema and sport. Treatments: FABbaby booties, FABtransformation programme Background: Having just had her first child Ruth was keen to regain her pre baby body and also wanted to set a good example to her daughter.   Task:To help Ruth regain her fitness levels so that she would feel the benefits of exercising.   Treatment: Ruth attended FABbaby booties twice a week, post natal Pilates, went on regular walks with other mums, and progressed to Kettlercise. Ruth was also invited to join the 1st FABtransformation programme as I … Continue reading

Local FAB Mum November 2012

I am conscious that ‘it’ is not all about weight loss but for many new mums like me that is exactly how you feel once you have had your baby, self conscious. Unfortunately my stats don’t help this. Pre-marriage 10 stone – comfortable size 12, content wife with stressful job 11 stone – size 12/14, just before giving birth 15 stone, just after nearly 15 stone – extra large everything, 20 months on I am back to 10 1/2 stone with a fitness level I can’t recall ever having and feeling fantastic.

Chris O’Toole

66 year old Sileby man feels the benefit of Pilates Gold classes “I am an author and entomologist specialising in wild bees. This means that I spend a lot of time at my computer or staring down a microscope. Now I have cause to be very grateful to my wife Rose for persuading me to join Mairi’s Pilates classes. After just a few sessions I noticed a improvement in my general flexibility and I now no longer suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders after long hours at my desk. Furthermore, in mini heat wave in the last week of March 2012, I did some freelance work for a television company making a film about a rare species of wild … Continue reading

Suzette Tonks – First time marathon runner

I had been running for about 2 years when I got chosen randomly to run the London marathon through Barrow Runners on Boxing Day 2011. This was going to be my first marathon with my furthest run previously being 13.1 miles. I was slightly scared at being selected as at the time I was struggling to run 6 miles! But being a determined person I knew I would achieve it if I put my mind to it and worked hard. After the over indulging of Christmas and New Year I started increasing my mileage by 2 miles every 2 weeks and worked out I could get to 20 miles before racing in London.


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