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FAB fat burning

Jade Teta and MESo this week I travelled up to Blackpool via the Hairy Bikers to spend a day with ME – metabolic effect and have so much share that just like the world of diets and weight loss it can be hard to know where to start, so often we don’t start at all.

But start I will with the key points I walked away with thanks to the inspiration that is Jade Teta and Jill Coleman.

The key to all fat loss which is very different to weight loss (who wants to just be a smaller apple or pear – or an obese aerobics instructor – which is where I was for years) is getting your H,E,C in check. Whether you are pre natal, post natal or never too late natal or just like me not natal at all but wandering how the HEC to drop the inches then Hunger, Energy and Cravings are what you need to keep in check. When these are balanced with inch loss and weight loss then you know you have found your fat loss formula. I am not advocating fat loss for those who are pregnant but nor do we need to eat out of control when expecting a small person. In fact our nutrition should be optimised to ensure the best for both mummy and baby.

There is no one size fits all and for each person it is your role to play the fat loss detective and work out your own unique magic formula with a little help from ME. How FABulous to empower yourself to find your own unique formula just like you.

HOWEVER if your sleep and stress levels are out of control then you will keep banging your head against the willpower wall and this is a key, often ignored aspect of the fat loss game – and a game it is as game implies fun and excitement to me – who doesn’t want to play games every day – particularly ones that you can win and help you look and feel FABulous?

Finally fat loss is all about being FABFreeing the fat from your cells, Activating it to move around your body to where it can be used and then finally Burning it so it doesn’t become recycled which is why so many of us feel like we are going round and round in circles to achieve our fat loss goals.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share how to get off that merry go round as I delve deeper into all that is ME……………

Mairi Taylor – Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant – Level 1, INJT and FABtransformer

4 Responses to “FAB fat burning”

  1. Suzanne

    Fabulous! I look forward to finding out more and being inspired to help me complete my fat loss journey (currently taking an unplanned detour)

    • Mairi Taylor

      sometimes the detours are a FAB way to find the right path back for you. Be patient with your journey you have achieved so much so far and who knows where your detour could take you 🙂 stay FABulous x

  2. Lucie

    Feeling very inspired to be FAB with your help and support… And mine too as its true, I need to empower myself to be free and fabulous from the merry-go-round I seem to be on! Xx

    • Mairi Taylor

      we all need to stop the merry go round and be able to step back and evaluate where we are going – you are definitely heading in the right direction and remember we are looking for lifestyle over perfection 🙂 Anything worth doing takes time to master 🙂
      stay FABulous x


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