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I was involved in a car accident where someone drove into the back of me. Along with shock I suffered whiplash and concussion, had pain in my lower back, shoulders and one side of my head. When I saw  Dan two days after the accident I had a continual headache and was aching especially in my lower back, pelvic area and shoulders. Dan examined me, took a note of where I was  experiencing discomfort  and what I was most concerned about. When he applied Kinesio tape to my back, shoulders and neck I have to admit  I was  very sceptical on what the tape could or would do to help me but it has been amazing. The dull headache disappeared, my back, shoulders and neck have felt supported, the aching has subsided and most importantly with a new  job and two small children to contend with I have been able to function and move around as  normal.


I went back to Dan after 10 days  for a follow up session where he massaged my lower back, shoulders , showed me some useful neck and shoulder stretches. and also applied more tape.  Never having been involved in a car accident I thought the only why to get better was to take painkillers and keep still. Not true. The Kinesio tape and the massage therapy  from Dan speeded up my recovery and allowed me to get back on track much quicker than I expected. I would highly recommend Dan to treat injuries such as mine and will certainly be seeing him again for further follow up.

Amanda Barrow upon Soar

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