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FAB Success for Sue

Here’s a little message from one of our FAB people!


Hi Mairi


As we start the New Year, I just want to thank you for your support and inspiration that helped me through 2012.


This time last year, I embarked on my second attempt to Shut Up My Duck – The Duck Club, as I called it. I set my goals. How would I feel when I Shut the Duck Up? For me, it would be dropping a dress size and losing weight off my back. It would be having a flatter tummy and, yes, I had a goal weight in mind even though ‘scales are for fish’.


I managed to Shut Up my Duck one of my fave tools was to push my exercise up so I stepped up the Kettlercise to twice a week with a heavier weight, plus the Pilates and my 30 min walks, the weight started to drop off!


Summer arrived and you were extolling the benefits of Juicing. Well, I love fruit and salads. I love cold food, cocktails and raw food so Juicing sounded like a good option. I ordered a Juicer, a book, a flask, bought some Spirolina and wheatgrass and LOADS of fresh fruit and veg. I lost 7lbs in as many days in a Detox programme and then adapted my diet to include juices at least once a day. I felt great and the weight was shifting, energy flowing. Yippee! I’d cracked it!


It wasn’t all plain sailing. My partner objected to the noise of the Juicer…’It’s like living on a building site…. what a mess with all the pulp….’etc. Then comments about not sharing a meal together but I persevered because I knew that this goal to get fitter was more important and eventually, we have negotiated a way through. Juicing is for life for me….but not for every meal forever….


So The Duck Club, Kettlercise, Pilates, Juicing…I was feeling more energetic, dropped a dress size. People noticed and commented. I entered The Seagrave Challenge and walked 16 miles in November – my longest ever walk.


‘Why not try running again?’ I thought. Having been told that I wouldn’t be able to run again with my arthritic hip, I started jogging in September and ran the Santa 6k in December.


The next hurdle was keeping well over the winter. Every winter since I remember, I have missed nativity plays and parties at primary school, teenage discos, Work Xmas Drinks, slept through Xmases and coughed through New Year’s Eve’s due to The Festive Chest Infection and ongoing 3 months of asthma. I dread it. This year, I started my Offensive early taking Vit C tablets in October. It’s 6 January and fingers crossed…no FCI!!


So, I have a lot to be pleased about. Thank you, Mairi!


I was packing away the Xmas decorations yesterday and in the box I noticed a Gift tag. I turned it over …surprise!


On it, in my own handwriting, it said, ‘ By Christmas 2012 I will be X X’ I had set a wish for a Goal weight. And do you know?  I had made that Christmas wish come true…


Love you Lots . Thank you!

Sue xx

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