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FABmums are nurtured too

iStock_000018321379XSmallMaking time to nurture yourself is a vital part of your pre and post natal care and here at FABmassage we pride ourselves on creating the right environment and care for your needs. Dan is not only a fully qualified pre and post natal massage therapist he is also the only male foofoo Ambassador in the world which enables him to not only offer the most FABulous pre and post natal massage but also advice on pelvic floor exercises and pre and post natal exercise.

We have a specific pre and post natal massage bed and have created a truly tranquil room in which you will feel nurtured and relaxed.

Here is what some of our FABmums have to say:

Gemma Bunney 6 months post natal

Gemma nd ivyYesterday I received an outstanding massage from Dan Goulding, he is a really friendly man who made me feel comfortable from the outset. The atmosphere created in the room was both tranquil and relaxing. Dan was  extremely professional and gave rationale for each technique and exercise which was really reassuring. He used a specific wax for pre and post natal massage which I thought was great. His massage was extremely thorough and he highlighted my problem areas and recommended further massage to these. He explained how I might feel the following day and encouraged me to drink plenty of water which I did. Dan finished with an Indian head massage which was wonderful, I could have fallen asleep! I will definitely be back for further massage to help relieve the stress in my shoulders and back and to ensure I remain physically fit and healthy for my daughter, job as a nurse and running.
Donna Jones 27 weeks pregnant

don and evaneglineI would definitely recommend FABmassage to any pre natal mums as I left feeling totally relaxed, calm and stretched out. I felt free of tension and appreciated the fact that Dan kept checking on my comfort and temperature which was perfect all the time as the room was really cosy and warm. The fresh juice and banana which were provided half way through ensured I didn’t feel dehydrated like you do after most massage sessions and I would definitely recommend this massage to any mums to be who need to take some time out to relax and have any tension or stress released from their bodies.


Naomi Steel 20 weeks post natal C-section

Dan was very professional throughout and took time to show me how to massage my C-section scar correctly. The massage was painful at times but I think this was due to the amount of tension in my body. If Dan had applied less pressure then I don’t think it would have been as effective.

I felt very relaxed during the massage and it certainly relieved my muscular tension. I very rarely have time for myself so it was good to unwind for a couple of hours in the clean, light and relaxed room with calming music to help relax me too.

I would definitely recommend Dan and FABmassage as Dan was confident and did an excellent massage compared to others which I have experienced in the past.

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