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Improve Your Swing

imove freely for golf
For many years golf has been considered a sport of more technical skill rather than an athletic one, Practice! Practice! Practice! was generally considered all that was necessary to improve.
Today, the focus is very much on the body; having good flexibility and a great core, is an example of this. Being fitter not only physically, but mentally too, is generally what is now considered to be the way to performing better on the course whilst remaining injury free.
It is NOT the role of the Biomechanics Coach to teach the golf swing or indeed how to avoid any of the above swing faults.
Role of the Biomechanics Coach

The Biomechanics Coach whilst needing an understanding of the common swing faults is actually more interested in how the golfer moves from an intrinsic biomechanical point of view. They need to work with the teaching professional to help answer the following questions;

Is there a biomechanical cause for their swing fault?

Can they physically do what the teaching professional is asking them to do?

Do they need more core stability to protect their spine whilst swing the golf club?

It is important to note here that;
“70% of Golfers at all levels experience back pain which hampers golf performance”
Golf Sports Medicine Richard Emerson, D.O., FAOAO, FAOASM Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

By making the body biomechanically sound the golfer can work on their fitness and strengthen the body (in particular the core, pelvis and shoulders) in a better position and then practice and work on their swing knowing that their body is not compensating intrinsically to create the desired movement extrinsically. The role of the Biomechanics Coach is to biomechanically prepare the golfer allowing the coach to work with golfer who can move more freely. The result, better, safer golf!

Your initial Biomechanics Coaching session and a Functional Golf Assessment is £95:00 and last for 2 1/2 hours. Further sessions are charged as Biomechanics Coaching sessions with packages available. If you would like to be improve your swing and benefit from this Coaching then please contact me directly on 07889 255702 or e-mail me at
Mairi Taylor Biomechanics Coach Dip ITS MBCA

“The variety of golf swings that exists represents the many ways that the human body can compensate for its biomechanical problems”

Martin Haines CEO/ Specialist Biomechanics Coach ITS

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