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Keep your litmus paper blue

It’s all about the pH!

keep your litmus paper blue!!



So whilst we may all know that the body is 78% water did you know your actual cells are 98% water and that in order for them to remain healthy they need a pH of 7.4. This means they prefer a slightly alkaline environment to an acidic one! Remember the litmus paper at school went yellow to red for acidic or blue to purple for alkaline!. Dr Mark Cochrane in his book “The secrets of pH concerning health and disease” has stated that in order to prevent disease and premature aging the body should remain in a slightly alkaline condition – you want your litmus paper to be blue! The problem is most people would probably find that their litmus paper was yellow or red depending on how acidic their body was and how poor their nutrition was – yup you guessed it, once again, the very food we put into our mouths affects us at a cellular level (well we knew that from last week’s newsletter) and when we become too acidic our bodies become imbalanced and we start to become diseased, tired as well as overweight!


The pH of our internal fluids affects every cell in our body and our very metabolic processes depend on an alkaline environment – when we get chronic over acidity this corrodes the body tissue and interferes with life itself – just think of the affect battery acid has on your skin, or anything it touches – and we have all heard the myth / fact about coke and a penny piece! More importantly for those of you wandering why despite your best efforts you can’t lose weight chronic acidity KEEPS YOU FAT!


When the cells are sitting in an acidic environment they start to pleomorph – change – and become higher forms – this is not a good place for them to be as these higher forms equal disease. The body will do everything it can to maintain its preferred alkaline state and this can involve leaching vital minerals and vitamins from your bones and tissues to compensate! This results in disease such as osteoporosis, arthritis, gout, heat disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, lupus, high blood pressure, weight gain, bladder conditions (if you suffer from cystitis look at when you get it and what type of foods you were eating before), immune deficiency, hormone disruption (which also causes weight gain and will be a subject for a future newsletter), chronic fatigue to name but a few……So maybe it is not the disease that is hereditary but the types of food and lifestyle that we inherit from our parents that causes the diseases?


So what causes these imbalances – well I would only be sharing it if there was a link to my favourite subject –

  • What you put in your mouth – sugar, processed food and remember all carbohydrates are broken down to sugars. Wheat, rice, potatoes are included in this list, as they all break down to sugar.
  • Psychological issues – your thoughts, stress, negative self-talk, and depression. I just made a link to that bitter taste you get in your mouth when something horrible happens or you think ill of yourself or someone!
  • Over exertion – yes working out too hard makes you acidic – BUT no that is not a reason to tuck your trainers away – it is even more of a reason to look at your nutrition and take a whole body approach and rebalance this acidity caused by exercise – remember I am always telling you;  YOU CAN’T OUTRUN A BAD DIET! This may help you understand how despite all your time at class, in the gym and out running you are not losing weight!
  • Not listening to your body – indigestion is a sign something is not right taking a pill is only masking the underlying problem. Get to the root cause.
  • Discomfort and ignoring it – these are early warning signs not just a sign of aging – we can grow old gracefully and with full health.


SO what can we do to stop this Mairi I hear you cry???? For me when preparing this article it answered so many questions for me regarding my own body shape changing. By following the principles I am going to share below I have seen the body fat melt off me, my energy levels soar and I managed to go through the winter with no illnesses that I can remember since January. Whilst your goal may not be about weight loss I am sure all of us wold just like to feel more energised and happier within ourselves?


So how do we ensure the correct pH in our body?

keep your litmus paper blue



Check here if you want to find out more about phytonutrients


So in essence to keep your litmus paper blue and maintain your health and wellbeing as you don’t see many healthy fat people look to redress your pH levels, by cleaning up your diet and rebalancing your body. What is one of the best ways to do this …. JUICING – adding green juices to your daily diet is one way to help get those essential phytonutrients, chlorophyll and grasses into your body. Once you have got it back to a well-balanced state you can then afford to add in some of the acid foods and notice the effect on your body. So no I am not advocating that you become a raw beansprout hippie for life, but maybe for a few weeks it may just get you back to feeling FABulous and after that you may make the choice to stay eating this way – as after all having choice is better than not having choice – BE FABULOUS in everything you do!





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