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Lessons I learnt from my cat

IMAG3867I love my cat dearly and in the 14 years she has owned me the last 2 have seen her become particularly close to me as she booms away demanding attention, food and to be let out. Unfortunately earlier on this year she had to have most of her teeth removed  and as a result we moved her onto a famous well-known brand of cat food in pouches which is soft to eat – basically the McDonalds of the cat food industry, after she had been having scrambled eggs. Prior to this she had been eating high quality biscuits developed by my good friends at feather’n’fur in Barrow.

Well she couldn’t get enough of this food and just kept eating and eating. When she became ill one weekend I rushed her to the vet and he asked all manner of questions and when I talked about her eating habits he became concerned about diabetes, renal failure etc etc so I agreed to have her observed and full blood tests done – all of which came back negative – much to my relief BUT not the relief of my bank account as by now she had spent 5 nights at the vets being observed. So home she came perkier and back to her booming self.  But not once did the vet discuss what she was eating – don’t get me wrong I trust my Vet implicitly but as with some Dr’s they never discuss what you are eating and how nutrition can help you back to wellness.

All was well until at 4:00am that morning this tiny bundle of fur started booming the house down demanding food! I thought this strange but got up fed her and we all went back to sleep! This carried on for 3 nights (now I can relate to my new mums) and in order to stop this I then decided to leave food out for her overnight in a safe place so the dog didn’t end up having a midnight feast too! All was well but I was still perplexed had she been getting drip fed at the vets overnight why was she always so hungry?

On my next visit to feather’n’fur I was discussing the situation with Ann one of the owners as she has helped solve many a pet problem in our house! And there it was right before my eyes  Ann’s words of wisdom “is she eating her biscuits?” No I said. “I wander then is she is undernourished and not satisfied by the brand of food you are serving her!” Hallelujah- there it was my cat was overfed and undernourished just like most of the British population who survive on low grade processed food! Biscuits were bought and the problem was solved – happy cat, happy owner and a good night’s sleep was had by all.IMAG3977

So what was the lesson I learnt – due to illness we strayed away from her normal diet and whilst she was eating in volume she wasn’t getting the nourishment she  needed to allow her body to heal so was constantly hungry looking for her next fix – how true is this for us when we  have been ill – chocolates and lucozade anyone? been on holiday or even a weekend away we find ourselves out of sync constantly hungry and unsatisfied by the food we eat?

Back to clean eating and good quality protein and veggies here to stay nourished, vital and to guarantee a good night’s sleep!

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