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Local FAB Mum November 2012

I am conscious that ‘it’ is not all about weight loss but for many new mums like me that is exactly how you feel once you have had your baby, self conscious. Unfortunately my stats don’t help this. Pre-marriage 10 stone – comfortable size 12, content wife with stressful job 11 stone – size 12/14, just before giving birth 15 stone, just after nearly 15 stone – extra large everything, 20 months on I am back to 10 1/2 stone with a fitness level I can’t recall ever having and feeling fantastic. The answer to this has been getting out with my little one for regular, quality, positive, exercise in the fresh air with other mums and Mairi alongside fresh regular home cooked meals. I found the FAB Baby Bootees sessions were one of the few reasonably priced mother & baby activities we both enjoyed whatever the weather and looked forward to! If left to my own devices a stroll would not have this much meaning or purpose, with Mairi we go on a planned, motivated walk with additional exercises tailored to each member of the group with stretches to finish. As my little one (or not so little one now) has grown, so has the effort required to push the buggy, my determination to stick at it and to feel good about myself. I even joined the FAB Beginners running class for a month in the Spring and ran 5k, something I would never have entertained previously. I also added in a kettlercise class once a fortnight too which helped me break the 11 stone barrier, I now pick up a pilates class once a week to maintain my fitness (and escape out for some me time) alongside FAB Baby Bootees. I cannot thank Mairi enough for building her business in our local area as my goals have been easier to achieve with her support and varied class timetable.

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