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My summer FABtransformation

“I was determined to get back my pre-baby figure by myself and tried a number of methods, including slimfast – which my family asked me to stop due to my ‘ferocious mood’, skipping meals and fasting, calorie counting, and exercise ‘binging’. Not only was I overweight, I felt increasingly bad about myself in general. I’ve always been a confident person and I felt that my ‘spark’ was disappearing. It affected my work too, I didn’t want to do the things I enjoyed about my job, like making presentations and going to events. I wasn’t glamorous anymore and that honestly made me really sad because making an effort with my appearance had been part of who I was for such a long time.
DSCF2631In April this year I attended the Law Society ball, 5 foot 2, 11 stone 12 pounds. Usually one of my favourite nights out in the year I felt self conscious all night, didn’t talk to anyone new, didn’t dance and I could barely breath in the tummy control knickers – that night I came to the conclusion that I needed some help.
I spoke to FAB fitness that weekend, I initially thought that I just wanted to get the personal training I didn’t buy in to the nutrition that much to begin with. I’d convinced myself that my lack of exercise was the problem as I’d had to give up riding when I was pregnant and that the weight would just fall off me if I committed to regular activity. And it did… in two weeks I lost about 20 inches and my waist had reappeared. I was drinking lots more water and was trying to incorporate the advice I’d been given but it was difficult. I found myself becoming hyper aware of everything I ate but would still snack guiltily on ‘low fat’ crisps or have sandwiches at lunch – telling myself brown bread was a healthy option. I was lying to myself so much that I believed it.
Two weeks later and nothing much had changed that’s when I had a frank discussion with Mairi about what I ate. Its so important to record your mood as well as food because you can really see how one affects the other. Mairi identified that I had a slump in energy at a particular time of day so we changed my lunch and I had a Juice in the afternoon. This alone has made a massive difference. I started juicing to loose weight too but now I drink it because I need it in my life! I have bags more energy, great skin (people comment all the time) I’m happier and more ‘balanced’ I can honestly say I eat exactly what I want now and as much of it as I like. Its just that what I want is likely to be a massive salad with chicken cooked in coconut oil. I don’t want to put anything fat and unhealthy in my body because I am what I eat.
I had to sit down with my family and explain that I was unhappy about my weight and health because to begin with I was still offered all the things I’d been trying to avoid, they needed to break habits too. My husband stopped buying me chocolates and bought me flowers instead!
DSCF26973 months later I’m definitely happier and healthier, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved but I’ve had to let go a bit and let Mairi help me and just accept that she knows what she’s talking about. I’ve lost 33lbs and my figure is toned and I feel strong. Professionally, I’m doing great and my relationships at home have never been better 😉 I don’t care about becoming what I was before now because I like the new me. I can’t wait to get my bikini on in Vegas next month! Bring on the Kettle bells! “
You too could have your own FABtransformation by contacting Mairi at and booking your own personal programme
The programme will be priced at £197:00 for 6 weeks and this will include:
2 hour initial consultation to discuss goals, your personal eating plan and review your food and mood diaries
1 cookery book,
6 weeks of home workouts
A 1 hour cookery demo
Motivational hints and tips & daily access to myself to ask any questions you may have
5 x 30 minute review sessions to ensure your HEC is in check and your progress is being monitored
It’s all about YOU!

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