Who is FAB?

Mairi Taylor

I have always loved being fit and active and where ever I have lived I have joined the local aerobics classes or gym – as these have been a great way to meet other people.

I have been the captain of the hockey team, cartwheeled and vaulted through gymnastics clubs, bounced on a trampoline, rode various hands of horse and pony, danced, swam, ran and biked all my life! My current passion is snowboarding and I regularly go to the indoor slopes to keep my skills up.

I have also struggled through my teens and early life with body image and weight moving up and down the dress sizes and having a love hate relationship with food! It took me until my late 30s to finally accept myself and my curves and find an exercise programme that works for me – variety and great company! So that is where you come in.

In 2001 whilst attending a Fitness Convention I was sitting through a motivational speech about seizing the moment and living in the here and now so I walked away and signed up for my exercise to music (ETM) qualification that night and the rest as they say is history!

I started teaching in Barrow in 2002 and have taught a variety of classes including aerobics, circuits, fitness yoga and Pilates as my qualifications and knowledge increased.
I now focus purely on FABilates (my own special blend of Pilates and Biomechnaics Coaching), Biomechanics Coaching, Boxercise and Kettlercise as I believe these three styles compliment each other perfectly – bringing complete balance to your fitness regime, whether in a group class or 121 in personal training.

My background is in HR and I have specialised in Change Management and Learning and Development for the last 10years. I have worked for a number of different companies of which two included ESPORTA health & fitness and Virgin Active and here I was able to rub shoulders with some of the top industry leaders. My whole career has been about helping people to grow and develop; helping them to become self-reliant and enabling them to make the right choices for their life.

It is my mission to bring 5 star service to my local community – you get the same standard of class – in fact I believe it is even better and so would some of my clients – as you would at any health club or gym. The bonus is that this service is on your doorstep and the class can be tailored to your individual needs. You don’t have to follow complicated choreography or struggle with moves that are not suitable for you and your body – you work at your own pace – plus a little extra – and with individual attention that ensures you get the most out of your class; thereby ensuring you achieve the health and fitness goals you have set yourself. Whether this is to lose weight, tone up or improve or maintain your fitness I have something to help you achieve your goals.

Dan Goulding

As a keen sportsperson who played rugby for 14 years and is now a keen runner I understand and have gained personally from the benefits of training hard and looking after my body to stay injury free.

I work closely with my partner Mairi Taylor FABfitness’ Biomechanics Coach to ensure you get the best service possible tailored to your individual needs.

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“A commitment to improving quality within the fitness industry
YMCAfit is committed to raising standards in the fitness industry by ensuring that the instructors we train have the skills knowledge and confidence to not just perform their role but to exceed the expectations of employers and customers. We aim to produce instructors who inspire the broadest possible range of people to improve their health and physical fitness. YMCAfit trained instructors provide excellent customer care and go the extra mile to help ensure their clients gain and maintain the exercise habit regardless of their ability and background.”

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