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FABpt – Personal Training that is tailored just for your goals and you!

We always work with the individual client’s needs, goals and preferences and we therefore recommend a free 30 minute consultation to discuss, goals and assess what type of Personal Training you need.

From this we would then arrange your Success Setting Meeting which would include the appropriate assessments for you to ensure we develop the best programme for you. Some people need nutrition, some need Biomechanics Coaching, some need a Functional Assessment and/or a combination of the three.

We will only work with clients who are ready to take these initial steps and set themselves up for success. We find that clients who focus on both their nutrition and their fitness gain the motivation and results to achieve what they set out in their goals.

Obviously if you choose not to focus on the nutrition you may not get the same results.

We charge £97 (full price £127:00) for your Success Setting Meeting which covers goal setting, and then whichever of the key areas we have agreed with you from the initial consultation and lasts about 2 hours. Individual Personal Training sessions then cost £40 each. If you buy a block of 6 you get 5% discount and if you buy a block of 10 you get 10% discount on the personal training sessions.

The sessions can cover all sorts of training as we train in Kettlercise ™, Boxercise ™, FABilates, running, circuit Suspension Training and Vipr ™. You can work between both myself and Dan who is also a massage therapist – again massage can form part of the PT- so lots of variety to keep someone motivated and inspired.

In summary our Personal Trainer rates are as follows:

Functional Assessment / Biomechanics Coaching £77:00 (1 hrs)

Nutritional Assessment £77:00 (this includes keeping a food diary for 2 weeks) (1 1/2 hrs)

Success Setting Meeting £97:00 (25% discount on full price)

1 x PT session £40:00

6 x PT sessions £40:00 x 6 -5% = £228:00

10 x PT sessions £40:00 x 10 -10% = £360:00

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