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  1. julie hartshorn

    i am interesed in the foo foo pelvic floor and core restoration programme in barrow upon soar. please send me any further information. i understand the classes are on a thursday evening at the methodist church. thank you

    • Mairi Taylor

      Hi Julie thank you for your enquiry. The programme costs £55:00 for the six week programme. We currently have places left on the 10:30am programme starting on the 8th April at the introductory price of £45:00. If you would like to find out more please contact me directly on transformyourself@fab-fitness.com. Mairi – stay FABulous

    • Mairi taylor

      Hi Julie we have one place left on our 8th May programme at 7pm? If this is of any interest to you?
      Thank you Mairi

    • Mairi Taylor

      Hi Julie we have put an additional class on a Wednesday evening at 7pm starting on the 8th may if that is of any interest to you?
      Thank you Mairi

  2. Suzanne

    Fabulous! I look forward to finding out more and being inspired to help me complete my fat loss journey (currently taking an unplanned detour)

    • Mairi Taylor

      sometimes the detours are a FAB way to find the right path back for you. Be patient with your journey you have achieved so much so far and who knows where your detour could take you 🙂 stay FABulous x

  3. Lucie

    Feeling very inspired to be FAB with your help and support… And mine too as its true, I need to empower myself to be free and fabulous from the merry-go-round I seem to be on! Xx

    • Mairi Taylor

      we all need to stop the merry go round and be able to step back and evaluate where we are going – you are definitely heading in the right direction and remember we are looking for lifestyle over perfection 🙂 Anything worth doing takes time to master 🙂
      stay FABulous x

  4. Caroline

    I’ve really seen the benefit from Foofoo I was fairly sceptical at first and as I wasn’t suffering massively I just saw the classes as adding to my fitness. Thanks to Mairi though I did the homework most days and took on the nutritional advice. I’ve really seen the benefit and now I know I can run and play with the kids without worrying. So thank you.

    • Mairi Taylor

      Caroline that is FABulous to hear and we look forward to hearing about all your summer fun 🙂

  5. Liz

    FooFoo has made such a difference. I did kegals for nearly 6 years and never got results like this. The homework is easy to do and the support you get from Mairi and Dan is brilliant. I would highly recommend it to anyone with similar issues.

    • Mairi Taylor

      thank you Liz it was a pleasure to support you as you supported yourself 🙂

  6. Rosie

    I heard about foo foo after signing up for the Loughborough half marathon. ‘Running!’, I hear you cry, ‘well there can’t be much wrong with her pelvic floor!’. Well there is. 3 years ago I was final diagnosed with severe stress incontinence after a long journey through nhs professionals and waiting lists. I under went a TVT procedure which was life changing.
    However, when you have been at the point of not even being able to walk across the road from workplace to car park without wetting yourself Keal exercises are never far from your mind. I decided that I really wanted to do Foo Foo even if I had to drive 45 minutes every Wednesday nightto get there.

    I knew I had diastasis as well, but it had always been brushed over by any health professional with ‘oh well thats just what you get from having big babies’.

    I think Mairi got a bit of a shock when her hand disappeared into my tum when she checked me out. That night I went home and researched the net for all I could find about diastasis. No health professional had ever told me that stress incontinence could be a result of diastasis! I felt let down, at no point had any doctor offered to refer me to a physio.

    I bought an abdominal splint over the Internet and with Mairi’s guidance of the exercises to do and the ones not to do I set about working my way to improving the diastasis.

    By the end of the 6 weeks class doing foo foo and my abdo exercises I have significantly improved the diastasis. I still have a bit of a gap but I’m not giving up yet.

    I am so grateful for Mairi’s help and positivity, Foo foo has too been life changing. I have made changes to my diet, improving my water intake and eating less bread to stop me bloating. I have even bought a dress cut on the bias, something I would never have contemplated before with my bulging diastasis tum, but now it’s much flatter and my muscles are doing a better job of holding my gut in!

    My kids are 16 and 13 years, by the way. It’s never too late!



    • Mairi Taylor

      That is FABulous Rosie and it was FABulous to see how your confidence grew over the programme 🙂 stay foofooFABtastic

  7. Emma

    I have only been a ‘FABmum’ for about 5 weeks now but I am already a stone lighter and have so much more energy thanks to the support and bottom kicking (when needed) from Mairi 🙂 I didn’t think with a 2 yr old and 5 month old i could by just changing my diet and introducing some exercise feel so much better. Thanks you Mairi for all your support so far you are FABulous x

    • Mairi Taylor

      it has been our pleasure Emma and we look forward to you being part of team FAB for years to come 🙂

  8. Gill

    The programme gave me a self (body) awareness that will allow me to continue the exercises and know the benefits and have confidence that it will work. My pelvic flooor is stronger and I don’t have to get up in the night as much to go to the loo.I find I can do a modified version of some of the exercises when doing day to day things so not having to set aside a specific time if time is tight. having the chance to be alongside other women with the same but different issues was good.

    You led the sessions really well Mairi and are always very encouraging and help us to focus on our own body and issues.

    Really enjoyed it all and the ongoing benefits- I know I need to be more disciplined and that it is in my hands really!!

    Many thanks Gill

  9. Mairi Taylor

    wow Thanks Maryam it has been our pleasure to work with you and create a specific programme for your needs as a breastfeeding FABmum :-)and we look forward to continuing to support you on our journey back to you!

  10. Kate Smart

    Mairi, just wanted to say what a wonderful presentation you delivered on Saturday at the Women’s Wellness Summit. Your energy and passion speaks volumes about the power of juicing and the juices you made for us were just wonderful! Thank you!

    • Mairi Taylor

      how FABulicious and thank you for taking the time to share your feedback x

    • Caroline Sweetnam

      Hi Mairi, I also want to say a big thank you for your work at the weekend. Thank you also for the goodie bag I won in the raffle I have been sprinkling Chia seeds on & juicing everything in sight!

      • Mairi Taylor

        HOW FABulous x thank you for taking the time to share your new love and glad the goody bag made it to a WELL deserving home x

  11. Jenny Burrell

    Mairi has touched soooooo many peoples lives and I’m sure juicer manufacturers everywhere would also love to thank her for leading the JUICE REVOLUTION in our community and beyond. Many of us knew that we needed to be better nourished but struggled with the how…and now we have a very attractive how….people are feeling energized, looking healthier, thinking clearer….it’s just ALL GOOD! Thankyou MT. She is also an extremely generous soul, we are lucky to have her in our lives.

    • Mairi Taylor

      Jenny thank you for sharing how Juicing has touched your life! and for giving us the opportunity to share our passion through Burrell Education! stay FABulicious x

  12. Nat

    THANK YOU Mairi for inspiring me to dig out my juicer again! Meeting you at the summit last weekend was just the tonic I needed to kick start looking after myself again after a very long absence. I have never been a coffee drinker so have no idea what it is to need a caffeine kick in the morning, however, I know know that I would be totally lost without my ginger zingers each day! I am feeling FABulous!
    My friend is feeling poorly today so I have spread the love and just delivered her my juicer (I’m away for the weekend!) and a load of wonderful ingredients to help her feel better. I whizzed up three different concoctions for her in about 10 minutes – it’s that easy folks! I’ll let you know how she got on with it!!

    Big love to you and your juice revolution Mairi xxxxx

    • Mairi Taylor

      WOW! now that is what I call inspired 🙂 stay FABulicious x

  13. Anna Downs

    Hi Mairi, I too have been massively inspired by your talk and LOVE juicing. My husband on the other hand finds the strength of the flavours a little over powering but I am desperate to wean him off the diet coke. These naturally flavoured waters seem to be hitting the spot and easing him in gently….

    Easy Fruit & Herb Flavored Water
    via The Yummy Life

    fruit — 2 cups berries, citrus, melons, pineapple…most fruits will work (see recommended amounts in directions)
    herbs — a sprig of mint, basil, sage, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, or lavender
    water (tap or filtered)

    Cut fruit into paper-thin slices or small chunks. Combine ingredients with water. Refrigerate 4-6 hours. Serve over ice and voila – your very own flavoured water.

    1. All Citrus Flavored Water (adds refreshing tartness to water) — slice 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 lemon into rounds, then cut the rounds in half. Add to jar, press and twist with a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon. Press enough to release some of the juices, but don’t pulverize the fruit into pieces. Fill the jar with ice. Pour in water to the top. Stir it with the handle of a wooden spoon or a chopstick. Put a lid on it, put it in the fridge, and chill.

    2. Raspberry Lime Flavored Water (beautiful color and mildly tart) — Quarter 2 limes; with your hands, squeeze the juice into the jar, then throw in the squeezed lime quarters. Add raspberries. Press and twist with a muddler to release some of the juices (don’t pulverize the fruit). Fill the jar with ice, then add water to the top. Stir, cover, and refrigerate.

    3. Pineapple Mint Flavored Water (a hint of minty sweetness). Add a sprig of mint to the jar–you can throw in the whole sprig; or, remove the leaves from the sprig, if you prefer to have the mint swimming around and distributing in the jar. Muddle the mint–the goal is to bruise the leaves and release their flavor–don’t pulverize them into bits. Add pineapple pieces, press and twist with the muddler to release juices. Add ice to the top and then water. Stir, cover, and refrigerate.

    4. Blackberry Sage Flavored Water (subtle, refreshing flavor). Add sage leaves to jar and bruise with a muddler. Add blackberries; press and twist with muddler to release their juices. Fill jar with ice cubes, add water to the top, stir, cover and refrigerate.

    5. Watermelon Rosemary Flavored Water (lovely flavor combo). Add a sprig of rosemary to jar and muddle gently (rosemary releases a strong flavor without much muddling). Add watermelon cubes; twist and press gently to release juices. Fill jar with ice cubes, add water to the top, stir, cover and refrigerate.

    How long will they keep? Put a lid on them, put them in fridge, and they will keep for up to 3 days. It only takes a few minutes to make several varieties to keep on hand. No more boring water for me!


    • Mairi Taylor

      Thanks for sharing and let me know when you have got your hubby on the juice!

  14. Kelly Bassett

    Mairi you have completely blown me away with your inspiration with you talk on Saturday at The Burrell Education Womens Wellness Summit. I have my Juice Mojo back!! I have now been juicing three times a day and yep you are right to clean the juicer does actually only take a few minutes not the half an hour we all think it does. i really only juiced in the morning, but now I am juicing in the morning with a slight difference I have my Apple and Ginger Zinger, along with my wheatgrass shot (which again comes from your talk at the weekend) and boy that sets me up for the day. Then I make a juice using ingredients for how I am feeling that day and of course one for the little one as she can not get enough of her juice either.

    I share your knowledge with my clients and also my family, recently my Nan was taken to Hospital she was severely dehydrated with a very infectious and dangerous UTI. The vast amount of tests also showed she has cancer in the Kidney. She came out about the week before the summit so….

    This week I have been juicing for her and she loves it. I know one of the main reasons she loves it and has also been drinking her water is because of the content you spoke about I shared it all with her. It was so powerful and you are so right when you say “We are overfeed but undernourished” Also the wee one drinking her juice through the straw quicker than her and then wanting her’s show her the goodness 😉

    I just can not say enough about your energy, inspiration, knowledge, love and passion it is a real privilege to have shared your knowledge and to learn from you thank you. I feel very blessed to have you in our lives as a fellow FooFooFunClub Ambassador you are amazing as you are able to help with an queries on juicing and nutrition we may have, thank you. You make such a difference to people and you can see it inside out and I certainly feel the inner glow.

    • Mairi Taylor

      Thank you Kelly it is FABulous to know we are inspiring others to WELLness through our passion and beliefs 🙂

  15. Tanith

    Hi Mairi, A belated THANK YOU for a great presentation and running a FABulous juice bar at Jenny’s great event.
    I had put my juicer away as it seemed a bit of a faff and some of the juices didn’t agree with me. You gave me some great advice :)Your ginger shot inspired me to put it into use again. The kids have made some juices/smoothies which is very cool.
    I’m also loving chia seeds and who knew they were so versatile??!!

    Great job and I look forward to working with you later in the year at the World Menopause Day event 🙂

    AKA Mrs Menopause

    • Mairi Taylor

      How FABulous that all the family are benefiting 🙂
      Stay FABulicious x

  16. Becca

    Hi Mari
    I really enjoyed listening to all the information you shared last weekend at the summit, you’ll be pleased to know I went straight out and bought a juicer and this week have been enjoying trying out all the recipes.
    Kind regards

  17. Mairi Taylor

    thank you for continuing to trust me with your health and wellbeing 🙂 and you are looking FABulous on it 🙂

  18. Mairi Taylor

    It has been our absolute pleasure to help you find your way back to you and in still habits that serve you WELL x

  19. Hayley Large

    If you are looking for a new quick fix ‘diet’, then in my opinion this isn’t for you… but if you are looking to change your lifestyle and habits, to benefit your long term health and well-being by learning about cooking and eating clean meals, exercising, and dropping quite a few pounds and inches along the way then this is for you! I have well and truly found a place where I am happy with my relationship with food. Mairi and the rest of the FAB team, on-line and in class have helped me along the way to a place where my emotional eating (when I was happy or sad, angry or excited) no longer rules me. By having the support to overcome and deal with emotional ‘baggage’, I have learn t to love myself again and eating food is a pleasure and not a constant battle of being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ anymore. Ditching this attitude has made me focus on eating for my well-being and health, and enjoyment! Its not all the fat anymore, although the pounds and inches keep dropping off and the lovely compliments on how well I am looking are a lovely addition too. Thank you Mairi xx

  20. Claire Collins

    Hi Mairi,
    Thank you soo much for introducing me to Juicing! I am totally converted as are my 2 daughters (age 4&6). If they can juice it they will and then they happily drink it!
    I am loving the Ginger Zinger as a morning boost and the Hydro-juice keeps me going throughout my numerous daily classes.
    I am introducing my clients to juicing and the response has been overwhelmingly positive..
    Your knowledge is inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Claire x

  21. Tory Shepherd

    Thanks to this amazing lady I got into juicing a year ago and haven’t looked back. I think my husband thought the juicer might be another of those kitchen utensils that is used for a month and then lives in the cupboard but that has not been the case. My husband, myself and our 3 year old all enjoy at least 1 juice every day and I love it. I would not go back to a life without juice, thank you Mairi 🙂

    • Mairi Taylor

      It is FABulous to know that all the family are enjoying the benefits of your “gadget” stay FABulicious x

  22. Chloe

    I’m interested in your Pilates class on a Monday evening. Do you have any spaces available? Thanks Chloe

  23. Elaine

    Tough to read, but so honest and inspirational. Thank you for all your help, time and energy you put into us. I wouldn’t be where I am now (mind & body) without you and I know that could be said by many. We do appreciate what you do so much and are lucky to be able to share your journey. xxx

    • Mairi Taylor

      Thank you Elaine and a s a result of what I do I get to share it with people like you and Isabella x:)

  24. Lorraine

    Dear Mairi,
    I just had to leave a little reply to what you wrote. It was very moving. You have done so well in achieving all you have (Didn’t really think you wouldn’t after the way you aced your O levels!) Sarah would be so very, very proud of you. It seems like this part of your life is where it was all meant to lead to . I am certain Sarah is looking upon you proudly from somewhere with her lovely smile. Well done to you, I think you are doing a great job and this new program will be amazing. Thinking of you x Lorraine

    • Mairi Taylor

      Thank you so much and for being part of mine and Sarah’s life 🙂 MT x

  25. Amy

    You ARE a wonderful wonderful woman Mairi! This is your Dharma, your true life’s work and you have the gift of using your experiences, your truth and your pain to heal the lives of many. I admire you and your work, and there are many lucky people out there to have you apart of their lives. Om shanti, Namaste. xoxo

    • Mairi Taylor

      we are delighted to know you are feeling FAB from our Juicing Workshop 🙂

  26. Beverley Norman

    Could you please let me know times and day so of classes thank you .

  27. Isobel

    Hi Mairi,

    I am sitting here with my friend (your colleague) Lisa Butler who says we need to talk!.

    I’d love to speak with you about the Foo Foo Fun Club programme, your FABilates classes and some help with weight loss.

    I live in Rothley so not too far away!

    Hope to speak to you soon,


    • Mairi Taylor

      HI Isobel I am looking forward to speaking with you – my number is 07889 255702 to speak to me directly x

  28. Michelle Burke


    I wanted to thank you personally for all of your recent help and advice. My husband was diagnosed with gout 3 years ago and having called upon your expert advice we are now regularly juicing with great results. The hydro juice in particular has proved a great success and we are both hoping to order wheatgrass shots later this month. You gave us such care, consideration and individual attention and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to research and help. You definitely are the Queen Juicer Doctor !

  29. Pip Skinner

    Mairi introduced me to the wonders of juicing. She is so passionate it is hard not to be swept up in her enthusiasm! Thanks Mairi. My favourite juice is now Carrott, beetroot, apple, lemon and ginger. So fresh and delicious 🙂

    • Mairi Taylor

      Thank you Pip I am so pleased to hear you are feeling fresh and delicious x

  30. Ruth

    Thanks for all your nutritional advice Mairi, after the change it has made I couldn’t resist trying juicing and now we’re all hooked (even the children have been persuaded). Starting the day with a juice keeps me energised and focused on what I eat for the rest of the day. I also get frowned at by my husband if he doesn’t have a juice to start the day……I must introduce him to how the juicer works!!!

    • Mairi Taylor

      HOW FABulicious we just love it when the whole family comes on board and lives the FABulicious life!

  31. Dawn Coggins

    Any talk with Mairi is always an education! There is rarely a question you can pose that she doesn’t know the answer to followed by a detailed explanation of the science behind it all!

    I am so looking forward to using my juicer to improve my energy and reduce my bad habits! I now know exactly how to do this thanks to Mairi! Bring on the juicing!

    • Mairi Taylor

      WOW DAWN – THANK YOU! Bring on the juicing indeed!

  32. Helen

    I have played with juicing on and off over the years – but recently after a stressful year or two, I noticed energy was low, finding it hard to focus and I was living on caffeine and sugar! My thyroid was becoming sluggish again… given I got off the daily medication before with great nutrition and supplementation – so when I started to see Mairi’s daily posts on juicing it was like a sign and her advise to keep it all about the vegetables not just the fruit has been FAB. The juices taste lush and after a week of juicing 3 x per day, I feel amazing, energy is up, I have gone to 1 cuppa a day which is a miracle as I was having 3 cups before the day even got started, I have also noticed my eyes are brighter and I really don’t have any cravings. My almost 3yr old has tried every single juice I make – red, green, orange and purple – and now asks to make her own at snack time. Keep inspiring Mairi… you are doing a FAB job of inspiring the next generation as well as this one 🙂

    • Mairi Taylor

      THAT IS JUST AWESOME! I look forward to hearing your little ones testimonial in years to come!
      Keep leading where you want others to follow Helen x

  33. Laura Southorn

    Thank you for inspiring me to start juicing at the beginning of the year. Every day starts with a juice and my husband and I love finding new juicing ideas to help with both our health and wellbeing and because they taste yummy! It’s helped me curb cravings, improve my health and wakes me up in the morning. Thank you for all your help and support as your juice ideas have been brilliant and you continue to support me on my juicing journey. 🙂 xxx

  34. Denise

    Mairi is one of the most inspirational women I know and her passion and enthusiasm for juicing is totally infectious 🙂

    I work in nutrition but my juicer had been sitting unused for ages; Mairi reignited my juicing spark and now rarely a day goes by without it being used.

    I love the simplicity of juicing, and I always feel clean after drinking juice – doesn’t matter how I am feeling – making and taking a juice always clears my head and improves my mood. Thanks Mairi, much love to you xxxx

    • Mairi Taylor

      Thank you Denise for sharing that we all need a little help igniting our own “sparks” every now and then!

  35. Kirsty France

    Hi Mairi,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the juicing workshop, I had a great evening. I liked the idea of juicing but had never really understood all of the benefits or how it would fit into my daily life. Thanks to you I now realise that it’s the perfect solution to the nutritional challenges presented by my two very small children!

    • Mairi Taylor

      How great that you have found a natural solution to nourishing yourself well as part of your mummy WELLness programme x

  36. Maria Frecker

    Mairi thank you for a very inspirational, informative juicing session yesterday. I have now ordered my juicer. And look forward to my new improved nutritional lifestyle. Many thanks again. XXX

  37. Jayne

    Mairi is totally passionate and very knowledgeable on all things juicy!!
    She is her own walking advert for the benefits of juicing.

  38. claire greaves

    Hi Mairi

    I think it has been around 18 months since I came to your transformation course and learned about juicing. When I brought my shiny new juicer my husband said ‘how long before that is in the back of the cupboard?’. How cynical and how wrong. I’ve felt the benefits both in my reducing waistline and in my general health. I feel calmer and have more vitality. It is definitely helping me reduce my ‘third age’ symptoms and I know can really feel the difference when I don’t get around to it for a while. Talking of which … time for a hydro juice. Thanks for your help and inspiration. Claire

    • Mairi Taylor

      I hope that hydro juice hit the spot and always good to “prove” the doubters wrong!

  39. Allison Simpkins

    Hi i was thinking of making this item but wanted to ask a few questions.How do u measure the coconut oil?would i have to melt the solid coconut oil to measure in cups and do you have to use manuka honey.The recipes otherwise expensive to make.x

    • Mairi Taylor

      Hi Alison I just measured the solid coconut oil into the 1/2 cup and go a little less rather than more of the solid. Of course you can use another honey and make this recipe work for you 🙂 I have also used maple syrup – I use Manuka for its healing properties 🙂 this recipe does make alot of chocolate – enjoy x

  40. Mairi Taylor

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and relate to my blog! I too am looking forward to a year of JOY!

  41. Carol Egan

    Hi Mairi

    Me and my daughter (15 yrs old) would be interested in joining your Fabilates class on Thursdays at 20.15. Have you any spaces available?

  42. Katherine Herridge

    Do you have any spaces on your 8.15pm class on a Thursday at the methodist church?

    I am 3 weeks now (almost) since giving birth and want to start getting a bit of strength back.


    • Mairi Taylor

      HI Katherine and thank you for connecting. I am unable to take any post natal clients till you have had your 6 week post natal check.
      Please reconnect once you have had the all clear to exercise again.

  43. Sue rossiter

    Hi mairi
    John and I are now both retired and looking at your Thursday gold class. Do. You have space ?
    I still have my problems but hope we can work round them
    Sue Rossiter (Holbourne close)

    • Mairi Taylor

      HI Sue great to hear from you and yes we have space on Thursday mornings.
      We are running a limited timetable over the summer months – only once a fortnight and this Thursday we have a class 9:30am at Woodhouse Eves – we have changed venue.

      For more information please email bookingsatfab@hotmail.co.uk

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