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Ruth Stewart

Ruth regained her pre baby body and fitness for life as a new mum

Client: Ruth Stewart

Age: 28

Occupation: European Operations Analyst

Hobbies: Socialising, spending time with family, exercising (thanks to you!!), cinema and sport.

Treatments: FABbaby booties, FABtransformation programme

Background: Having just had her first child Ruth was keen to regain her pre baby body and also wanted to set a good example to her daughter.


Task:To help Ruth regain her fitness levels so that she would feel the benefits of exercising.


Treatment: Ruth attended FABbaby booties twice a week, post natal Pilates, went on regular walks with other mums, and progressed to Kettlercise. Ruth was also invited to join the 1st FABtransformation programme as I was keen to work with a post natal client. She also had Biomechanics Coaching Session and FABmassage as had sciatic problems during pregnancy which could flare up.



Ruth timelline

Testimonial: I have been working with Mairi since my daughter was 12 weeks old. I have never been one for exercise but wanted something to do after Izzy was born so I went along to FABbaby booties, not only is this a great class it’s also a great way to meet other mums and it has ignited a passion for exercise I never knew I had!! I gradually increased the number of classes I did and got up to 4 a week – 2 FABbaby booties, FABilates, Kettlercise, before returning to work. It’s great that I have found somewhere that I enjoy going to but also that caters to your individual needs whilst still allowing you to be part of a ‘normal’ class. In addition to the classes Mairi also invited me to take part in Barrows first FABtransformation group. I have always been sceptical of ‘diets’ plus I was still breastfeeding and dieting isn’t recommended but as this wasn’t a diet I thought I’d give it a go. I’m pleased to say that half way through the programme the results I saw were amazing. I had lost weight as well as inches and been part of a really supportive group. Mairi is very knowledgeable and with her help and support I have toned up, got fitter, lost weight and done it all with a smile on my face!!! A year on I still look and feel FABulous and have found a way to make everything fit in to my busy life as a working mum!

Mairi also introduced me to juicing and well what can I say! If you’d have asked me about it before I would have pulled a face and left you to it, but then everyone started raving about it and I don’t like to feel left out so thought I’d give it a go…best decision ever!!! Never did I think beetroot, lemon, spinach, kale, ginger, apples (I could go on!) could taste so good together…but they do! I have been juicing ever since and even after the first two weeks I was already feeling the benefits – less bloated, better skin, more energy and feeling healthy!!! My favourite at the moment consists of 6 apples, a stick of celery, handful of spinach, half a cucumber, half a lime and a chunk of ginger…how many people do you know that have consumed all that goodness for breakfast!!! If you have not already embraced the juicing revolution give it a go… its FAB!!! Plus my daughter is a mini juice monster too 🙂

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