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FABilicious Clean & Lean Recipe Book

FABilicious Clean & Lean Recipe Book

Another 100 clean and lean recipes to keep you looking and feeling FABulous! This book contains breakfasts, soups, curries, vegetarian dishes, fish dishes, chicken dishes, meat dishes, salads, snacks, dips and dressings, breads and puddings to keep you inspired.


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Welcome to the FABilicious Clean & Lean Recipe Book part of the FABtransformation programme designed to:
• Free your mind,
• Activate your taste buds and help you
• Become body confident
= looking and feeling FAB every day!
Most of you tell me that it’s easy to get bored eating the same old food and that having to cook different meals for the family takes time you just don’t have.
So I’ve put together another 100 tasty recipes that you can enjoy with the whole family knowing you’re eating clean and healthy meals that everyone can enjoy and will inspire you to become even more creative in the kitchen.
These 100 recipes can actually help you lose weight, and transform your body shape provided you don’t eat them all at once 🙂 what more do you want from a recipe book.
The food we eat has the biggest impact on how we look, what we think and how we feel so getting our nutrition right goes way beyond just looking good in those skinny jeans! The ingredients in these recipes will help you balance your hormones which will help create balance in all of your life – how FABulous!
So dive right in and create your own FABtransformation in your very own kitchen!

Stay FABulous, stay Inspired x

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