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FABin7 Detox Plan Ebook

FABin7 Detox Plan Ebook

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£14:00 that could save you money by helping you fit into last years shorts and skirts.


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£14:00 that could save you money by helping you fit into last years shorts and skirts or even your 80’s gear if they are still lurking in the back of your wardrobe and you will be bang on trend!

The FAB 7day detox, where you loose inches whilst eating 3 meals a day and there is no need to be mean with portion size, mean on taste, mean on flavour or mean to yourself! All the meals are designed to cleanse your body, keep you feeling satisfied and help your body drop that bloat as well as those inches! Since January lots of FABulous people have dropped inches, increased their energy levels and vitality and are feeling FABulous about their scales as well as fitting into their smaller clothes!

All of this was achieved in just 7 days by following the plan, the exercises and changing their mind set by forming new habits. 5-7lbs is the average weight loss and many people lost the same amount of inches or more.

“Lost 6lbs and 9 inches!!!!! Oh my what a difference a week can make will definitely be taking some of the meal ideas forward.”

You have 2 choices to either download the programme and do it yourself or e-mail me at to join our next online group. We run these every month.

If you have always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you always  had – The only thing you have to loose is inches, bloat, lethargy and that sluggish feeling!

Remember as with all programmes this doesn’t suit everyone and there are no guaranteed results. You may need to check with your DR to ensure that due to any medical conditions or medication you are on it is safe and right for you to proceed.

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  1. Melissa Harris

    This detox was the start of my life and body transformation. It has changed the way I look at food. I now realise when I was doing those other diets I was unnecessarily starving myself. I now have an understanding of my body’s needs, limitations, and it’s triggers.


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