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The benefits of a FABulicious lifestyle…….

fab-juice-logoJuicing why bother

What’s the point in juicing – why can’t you just eat it? What about the waste, the fibre, the mess, the time it takes are all the FABulous questions you get asked as soon as you decide that you want to look after your health and wellbeing and choose juicing as one of the options to improved health, vitality and VA VA Voom!

Did you know that in Japan the recommended number of portions of vegetables and fruit is 17! In the Us 7 and Europe around about  9 and here in the Uk we are thought to be only able to cope with 5 and yes did you notice I put vegetables and fruit in that order?

So who does actually eat their 5 portions a day and who would be able to manage the 17? Well we should not just eating them for their fibre but also for the myriad of vitamins and minerals and enzymes – the catalysts that make every chemical reaction in your body happen – because that is basically what we are one FABulous constant chemical reaction, and just like the chemistry experiments at school the reactions can have positive effects – health, vibrancy and wellness or they could be not so FABulous with sickness, tiredness and depression.

green glassSo if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then juicing just may be the ultimate health solution for your soul.

Over time due to eating and drinking the wrong kind of foods and drinks our digestive system becomes overburdened and less efficient. As we get older our enzyme account gets depleted which means not only can the body no longer absorb the maximum number of nutrients from the foods we eat but it may not be able to perform some of its other vital functions either.

The nutrients contained in raw, live juice are extremely easy for the body to digest, extract the nutrients and dispose of any waste. As I said the ultimate fast food and you can feel the benefits within 15 minutes of drinking and chewing your fresh juice.

Your body is your statement of your health account and any disease of the body will manifest itself without any warning signs. Just like your financial bank account you need to put deposits in or you will become overdrawn. The same is true of your health account too and for optimum heath and to be free of disease, you need daily deposits in terms of good quality nutrition. Every time you eat or drink something toxic you are making a withdrawal from your health account i.e.  every time you eat high refined sugar product just to keep you going your pancreas has to secret insulin to normalise your sugar levels, and if this happens to often your body can become insulin resistant and this can lead to type 2 diabetes, as your body can no longer secret enough insulin.

Signs that you are “overdrawn” in the health department will manifest as things such as: headaches, skin disorders, digestion issues, type 2 diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure, arthritis and so on. These signs of “dis-ease” are your bodies’ way of telling you that your account is overdrawn and you need to invest in your health by making some healthy, vitamin and mineral packed, enzyme loaded juicy deposits.

So what do these enzymes do: as I said earlier they are the catalysts that make every chemical reaction in your body happen and we are all born with a finite amount.  As we live our lives these stores become depleted and when there are no enzymes left we die – simples.

However we can help to slow down the depletion rates by looking at our lifestyle and the foods we eat.golden delicious apples

As we get older the high demand for enzymes needed to digest cooked foods and deal with pathogenic microbes and viruses, leads to more and more depletion. Tests have shown that a 70 year old has about half the enzymes of the 20 year old. The cells of the elderly have lost over 90% of the enzyme concentration as found in infants. Aging is enzyme exhausting!

The pancreas which produces our digestive enzymes becomes less efficient as we get older due to reduced enzyme availability. This means two things: poor digestion and reduced absorption of nutrients from food. You might eat a balanced diet yet be lacking the enzymes to extract the nutrients from the food, which can result in nutritional deficiency. Furthermore this imbalance causes premature aging and vulnerability to most forms of disease.

If you eat a diet that is totally comprised of pasteurized and cooked food that is effectively dead – yes even eating steamed and cooked veggies means you will have changed its molecular structure and reduced its VA VA Voom value – you will feel lifeless in comparison to a diet comprised of “live” enzyme rich food, which will make you feel alive and full of energy.  According to David Woolfe (one of the world’s leading “raw food” experts) your body views cooked food as a foreign organism and after you eat cooked food, your body begins to produce anti-bodies. Your aim should be to consume at least 51% raw live food each day so clearly fresh juices helps you top up your enzyme store naturally and protect your natural levels.

Most people are overfed but undernourished. Many obese, overweight people are malnourished. When your diet is devoid of fresh raw produce and consists of nothing but cooked processed, refined foods packed with colours additives and chemicals you will be toxic and deficient. Despite eating constantly you will feel hungry because at a cellular level you will be genuinely starving.


Think about the effects of a huge meal, like a Sunday roast bearor Christmas dinner. Quiet often after such a huge meal you will fall asleep on the settee. You may be surprised to learn that you are not simply asleep but that your body does not have enough energy to digest the excess food and keep you conscience at the same time – hibernating bear? – so you slip into a “food coma”. No other regular daily activity (apart from sex) uses up more energy in the body than trying to digest difficult to digest foods.

As a result of giving the body what it really wants and needs on a cellular level, this will reduce some of your hungers. Through consuming freshly extracted juices on a regular basis your body will become more alkaline (click here to find out more)  and as a result you will desire more alkaline foods, which are fundamentally healthy foods.  The net result will be that you

Free your mind of the diet trap, Home 2

Activate your taste buds and be more

Body confident –

basically FAB!

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