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This made me smile……………

Slide1 So this morning the local copy of Rural Trader Landed on my doorstep and there was my advert for KSFL on the front cover. There was also an advert for LEAP a completely free 10 week programme run by Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service, and a flyer from Legacy Training for their fat loss camps and that’s what made me smile 🙂 Have we all decided March is the month to finally come out of hibernation and let you know about all the FABulous services on offer to you, and that’s what I think is FAB about our local area there is just so much choice, and having choice is better than having none. Finding the trainer and programme that works for you is key to your sustainable Lifestyle change and when someone or something is no longer serving you WELL, then its time to find something or someone that will 🙂

In the last 7 days I have learnt so much and shared so much both locally and nationally and it has been really overwhelming and rewarding to get so much positive feedback about what I do and this has made me stop and think about where I take my FABjuicer business…………….

Yesterday I attended the UKBCA annual conference and It was lovely to be a delegate learning about how the pelvis works and picking up some new tips and techniques on how to keep you moving freely.

I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting Barbara Cox from “nutrichef” an absolute inspiration and I thought I would share her 10 steps to looking and feeling leaner and stronger in 2014!

1- Drink plenty of water and I recommend you and fresh lemon or lime to help make your water more alkaline

veggies 12- Eat plenty of veggies and fruit and Barbra recommends 220 food varieties in a month! Click here for her 150 star foods and make sure your plate is half green is my advice!

3- Source organic produce where you can and one of Barbara’s top tips was if there is one food you eat a lot of go organic as it is the cumulative effect. Given that apples are sprayed up to 16 times before they make it into your fruit bowl then I may just be going organic here!

4- Eat proper protein – have a variety of protein at every meal and this is why I love my chia as it is a source of protein that I can add to every meal.

5- Enjoy your good fats – they are not called essential fats for nothing. Flax seed oil, coconut oil and chia seeds all help bring down inflammation in the body  and it is this inflammation which is the start of disease and excess body fat.

6 – Cut down on dairy – yes milk contains calcium of that there is no doubt the problem is that when you pasteurise milk the calcium becomes bound and therefore you are no longer able to absorb it. Dairy products can also cause an insulogenic response in some people causing them to lay down belly fat and constantly feel like they have a cold. Find out more and make your own mind up here

Slide17 – Cut down on sugar – I think that message is starting to come through very clearly as we contemplate a possible sugar tax. Having excess sugar messes up your mineral absorption and plays havoc with your hormones!

8 – Cut down on saturated fat and in particularly those trans fats!

the-food-additive9- Avoid additives inside and out – if you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it and more importantly don’t feed it to your children! I studied nutrition in the 80’s and there was a food revolution then to take all additives out of kids food due to ADHD – and I am not sure how they all snuck back in! and check the additives on everything you put on your skin too!

green glass10 – Alkalinise your diet – most of your diet – the food you eat – should be green and leafy and adding fresh juice you prepare yourself will serve you WELL!


If you would like to understand more about how food can be your friend and make your way through the minefield that can be nutrition for your own unique you then what ever your goals whether its weight loss or you just want your VA VA VOOM back then why not join us for the 6 week KSFL Lifestyle programme starting 14th March click here for more information

Stay FABulous 🙂



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