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Tiara Time

This week I was listening to a FABulous teleseminar on stress and hormones and loved the notion I am about to share with you. At this time of year we all need to take time for ourselves to ensure that we can keep sharing the love.

Welcome to tiara time: I really think for women, whether you mother children or you mother your cause in the world, we are wired to over provide. We’re wired to give until we drop. We’re wired to give often more than is sustainable.
Many people can find their way out of that by starting to step away from the people pleasing that can be so depleting and starting to get more boundaries, which is such a good thing for you and those you care for.

Here’s a really valuable boundary. It’s a physical, visual boundary. Every day, claim your minimum self-care. The way that you signal your family, your loved ones and your friends that you’re claiming your self-care is by putting a tiara on your head. How FABulous! I have heard of this notion before as a time management tool in an office or work environment, where you would put a cap on your head or a flag on your desk that would signal to your colleagues not to disturb you as you worked on a project – well now the project is you and your tiara signals your respect for you 

You claim it. You can go take a hot bath for 30 to 60 minutes. You can look at a candle intently for three minutes. You can sit on a cushion and meditate if that’s what you like to do. You can do a yin yoga pose. Whatever it is, I just think it’s really crucial that we step away from being wired and looking after everyone else. We need to step away from our laptops and smart phones, and step into that place of deep knowing and insight. We know that insight is the opposite of stress. We need to have these de-stressors. Tiara time can be really helpful for you. Your family can now be trained so that when the tiara comes out, mum is not available. I think it’s important that we model this for our children, especially your daughters. That’s one thing, tiara time.
I really love this idea of tiara time, even if it’s that you’re going to call a girlfriend.

We know that men tend to deal with stress by fight or flight. All of that data from the 1930s with Dr Walter Cannon on fight or flight was in men. It was not in women. Women tend and befriend. That’s the way we deal with stress.

What we know is that when we’re under stress, big shocker, talking to our girlfriends, sisters or mums makes such a difference. It lowers the cortisol because we are raising oxytocin. That stress hormone, cortisol, which is way too high in about 90% of people, is like the bad boy that you dated in school or college. You thought it was a good idea. You knew it was going to end badly but you just went ahead with it anyway. That’s what cortisol is. Talking to your girlfriends really makes a difference. That’s one thing you could do. You can call your girlfriend with your tiara on.

It’s important to step into pleasure. We know that when you raise your oxytocin, whether it’s with orgasmic meditation or it’s from hugging someone you love in a lingering hug, it really helps us manage cortisol. It’s all about managing the cortisol.

What is known is that most hormone imbalances lead back to stress and
to cortisol that is not right-sized, and this causes all sorts of unhealthy and unhelpful reactions in our bodies and mind.

Our FABilates classes with candles and some meditation and relaxation are a great way to have some Tiara time, so make sure you protect this time for you – it will help you be a better mother, wife, lover, colleague, daughter and friend to you and others!

So lets all put our Tiaras on as this is Tiara time! I think we need to rock our tiaras, take some photos and share them on the FABfitness Facebook page!/pages/FABfitness/227832257287670 . The first person to post their Tiara photo wins 3 free FABilates classes, oh and more importantly go and hug someone you love!

Adapted from Dr Sara Gottfried – The Hormone Cure – Sexy Younger You!

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