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Transformation Testimonials

“The truth is, you choose your destiny. You choose to be as good as you want to be and you choose to do as good as you want to do. Stop making excuses and just face reality, because there will always be something that stands in your way of success.”- Jodi L. Stelt


FABtransformation 1 (Mum of 2 teenage children) “The FABtransformation programme has been just what I have been waiting for. Having tried every diet there is from Slimming World to Fat flush it is great to finally feel that I am in charge and it is something that I can work at and live with for more than just a few weeks which is usually the case. The family don’t see me as being on another diet they just see me making sensible, healthy choices that make me feel great and will hopefully rub off on them in the future too.

Mairi is an inspiration she gives invaluable advice and keeps us all on track with her unwavering support. The group sessions are a great way of talking to others who are going through the same process and a perfect way of reflecting on the previous week and looking forward to the week ahead.
If you are trying to do more than just lose weight and feel it’s time to take control of your life then this could be the programme for you”

FABtransformation 2 (lost 3lbs & 7.25 Inches in 4 weeks) “Having spent years yo yo dieting joining one weight loss class after another, finally I have realised why I always end up back at square one!!! Life is not about starving yourself, only eating certain foods on certain days or living with your weighing scales permanently by your side, life is for living and this weight loss programme allows you to live making the changes that are necessary to change you to the person you want to be for the rest of your life.

There are no counting calories, just sensible tools which not only help you to lose weight but to feel so much more energised and in control.

Getting out of the “fat club” mentality has been a hard one for me, but now I am well and truly on track to a thinner, happier and healthy me for life, not just for Christmas!!!”
0lbs 6 3/4″ lost in 5 weeks

FABtransformation 3 (New mum with 1st baby under 1 year) “This programme has given me a whole different perspective on weight loss, gone are the days of counting calories and feeling guilty about eating things I enjoy!

It’s easy to follow and focused on you, the manual is very informative, yet still easy to dip in and out of and the weekly meetings (and Facebook group) are a great support and a good opportunity to see how others are getting on without the dread of being weighed each week.

Not only has this programme changed my outlook on food and exercise it has given me back my confidence, encouraged me to dig deeper into why I have the relationship with food that I do and allowed me to focus on being comfortable with myself rather than worrying about my weight!

I highly recommend the FABtransformation programme to anyone who doesn’t like being told what to eat, being made to feel guilty for putting half a pound on, who struggles with the traditional diet and most importantly wants results. This programme will change your life for the better :-)”
1st 2lbs & 18.25 Inches Lost in 8 weeks!!

FABtransformation 4 (Working mum with 2 school age children under 10) ‘This programme has allowed me to take control of my own goals, not just linked to weight loss but in my life as a whole. My weight loss is not focused around the scales and what food I can and can’t eat, it again lets me take control with its focus being about how I think, act and feel. It has really allowed me to understand why I battle with food and how it can be overcome by changing habits for life. The daily support from Mairi and the others involved is really invaluable, like something I have never experienced before when I have set out to lose weight’

I was extremely pleased with the half way measurements, it’s like that has happened with no effort and what I mean by that is because there has been no ‘counting’ of anything etc it is amazing, it’s not like I believed this wouldn’t work but I was thinking ‘how’ could it work with no apparent restrictions!!! Still feel immensely proud and keen to keep going to transform myself further!!!!

FABtransformation 5 (Working Mum with 2 Teenage Boys) FABtransformation programme has provided me with the motivation and support to change the way I eat; losing weight and inches in the process. The realisation that I am not hungry and thus do not need to eat at times of stress or boredom was a revelation. The tools were simple to use and could be applied at all times at both home and work, I even managed to stay on track during a weekend away.

The support from Mairi and the rest of the group is invaluable; I also found the on-line resources very useful in structuring my approach and achieving daily goals.

After just 2 weeks I wore trousers that had previously been too tight and at the half way mark felt slimmer, fitter and healthier.
1st 1lbs & 20 inches lost in 8 weeks!!

FABtransformation 6 (Working Mum with 2 Toddlers) A big Thank-you to Mairi, Barrow’s FABtransformer! Last week I achieved minus 11 stone for the first time in five years!!!! (4 weeks into my programme)

Following pregnancy and birth of two children, it was really time to get back in shape. It started last Christmas signing up to pilates, then later Kettlesize and boxersise.
The FABtransformation programme has added the final piece to the jigsaw. I was attracted to the programme as it is essentially all about eating a sensible healthy balanced diet, rather than deprivation, rather learning to focus on the healthy option.

It is broken into nine tools which allow you to choose which is most relevant to you so you can tailor it to meet your goals and focus on your priorities. Breaking it down stops it feeling so overwhelming and knowing that if you have a bad meal, day or even week, you can stop and just pick up before it turns into a bad month really helps!

It has great theories too, to be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up all the time, just to learn to be the best you can be!

Still away to go, especially maintaining! And Christmas is not far away but it is great to get back on track having a healthy balanced diet and the lessons learnt will continue throughout life!

FABtransformation 7 Great programme, after years of doing every diet in the world how refreshing to not have any restrictions and pressure to stand on scales, just by applying some very simple tools you lose weight and I genuinely feel I haven’t had to go without anything. It also really helps you think about yourself and doing things for yourself, which for me, is something I haven’t done for some years! Thanks Mairi, (who is also brilliant with her advice and support) really glad I’ve changed my habits!!!
10.25 Inches lost in 8 weeks and has dropped below 11st for the first time in 5 years!!

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