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Wedding Testimonial

I got engaged in December 2010, and started Fab Bootcamp that March in preparation for my wedding in July 2012. That developed into Kettlercise and I added on Pilates too in August. I love Kettlercise! Ever since I started I can really feel my body changing shape! It’s hard work but worth it!

I felt a lot of pressure to look good in my wedding dress (mostly from myself!) and I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes in the Autumn of 2011. So I joined the FABtransformation programme to change my lifestyle and have the confidence to wear the most expensive dress I will ever own! Mairi’s support and education, explained where I was going wrong (too much wine, not enough green leafy veg), and I knew what I needed to do to turn things around.
By January 2012 I was ready to go shopping for my big white dress. I found the perfect one and my final fitting date was in June, 4 weeks before I was due to get married. To my horror, it was really tight and I had a ‘muffin’ of fat rolling over the top of my dress!! It looked awful and I was mortified! I only had 4 weeks to make it fit and it had been altered once already (ironically, taken in!) I rang Mairi for help and she was there with every piece of advice and tool in her repertoire! For the next 4 weeks, I was coached through my tools from FABtransformation program (lots of water and no chocolate and wine), I was pushed me in Kettlercise and pilates, and I did twice daily 10 minute exercise sessions.

I didn’t dare to track my progress or try my dress on again over those weeks. I just had to stick to it! On the morning of my wedding I noticed my Mum’s bathroom scales and weighed myself (I don’t own any!) leading me to promptly declare that they must be broken! I’d lost a stone and a half in weight over the 4 weeks! My dress fitted perfectly and I felt like a princess for the rest of the day!

I can never thank Mairi enough for all her support and advice she gave me over the those 4 weeks that led me to my fabulous transformation!

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