WELLness Packages

Fab&FittaOur FAB&FITTA holistic WELLness retreats are designed to provide you with time for you.

A day or weekend where you get the opportunity to step off the merry go round of life and for every cell to be nurtured  through delicious vegan fayre, supportive and flowing yoga and meditation and a wonderful line up of guest to support you through the seasons.

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We look forward to serving you WELL!















The FABmot is designed to support you as part of your personal wellbeing and allow you the time to check in with yourself and ensure all is WELL,

The MOT is a combination of a Biomechanics Coaching Session, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation and a Massage or Aroma Touch®technique.

This is your personal annual “service” where you get the time to assess where you are at and what tweaks you need to make to support total health and WELLness.

Please contact Mairi at transformyourself@fab-fitness.com to discuss your needs.

Prices start from £77:00.

5 Responses to “WELLness Packages”

  1. Mairi Taylor

    wow Thanks Maryam it has been our pleasure to work with you and create a specific programme for your needs as a breastfeeding FABmum :-)and we look forward to continuing to support you on our journey back to you!

  2. Mairi Taylor

    thank you for continuing to trust me with your health and wellbeing 🙂 and you are looking FABulous on it 🙂

  3. Mairi Taylor

    It has been our absolute pleasure to help you find your way back to you and in still habits that serve you WELL x

  4. Hayley Large

    If you are looking for a new quick fix ‘diet’, then in my opinion this isn’t for you… but if you are looking to change your lifestyle and habits, to benefit your long term health and well-being by learning about cooking and eating clean meals, exercising, and dropping quite a few pounds and inches along the way then this is for you! I have well and truly found a place where I am happy with my relationship with food. Mairi and the rest of the FAB team, on-line and in class have helped me along the way to a place where my emotional eating (when I was happy or sad, angry or excited) no longer rules me. By having the support to overcome and deal with emotional ‘baggage’, I have learn t to love myself again and eating food is a pleasure and not a constant battle of being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ anymore. Ditching this attitude has made me focus on eating for my well-being and health, and enjoyment! Its not all the fat anymore, although the pounds and inches keep dropping off and the lovely compliments on how well I am looking are a lovely addition too. Thank you Mairi xx

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