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What are you passionate about?

Me I am passionate about being WELL, about living the life women on tramploneI want to lead and doing so with a bounce in my step, bright eyes and lots of VA VA VOOM! And I want to be able to do it the way I know is best for me – is my way what is best for YOU?

So this morning the following news report  hit the headlines and myself and my fellow passionate colleagues were up in arms! Why well firstly because we are passionate about what we believe in and the results we are seeing in people’s WELLness and secondly despite the fact that people can lose weight when they join these clubs there is very little evidence of any focus being given to the behavioural changes being prioritised to ensure long term lifestyle changes that help people form healthy relationships with food, and this is where we need to start focusing our attention.

Obesity expert Dr Ian Campbell said: ‘The vast majority of existing weight-loss companies don’t offer significant support to achieve behavioural change, nor do they have evidence of long-term results.’

veggies 1My own concern is that people are not being educated on the impact that their food choices have on their health and WELLbeing and given that WW are owned by Heinz – one of the main food manufactures responsible for such nutritional delights as spaghetti hoops 8.4g sugar per half can and Heinz tomato soup 14.8g sugar per tin I wonder how much interest they have in reducing the sugar in their clients diets, and getting them to eat REAL food? – My goodness they would go out of business if everyone started growing their own as their tins of soup suggest!

Do you really understand the effect that small piece of chocolate could be having on your bodies’ ability to fat burn and even on the thoughts you may be having about yourself and whether or not you deserve to be fit and WELL? Yes it’s that powerful! You simply need to see the effect on your kids after a children’s party to understand what I am talking about!

I asked my current KSFL® clients what they thought about the new proposals and whilst they all agreed people are entitled to their own choices they all agreed the NHS and the government were starting in the wrong place – yes we need to help these people get back to WELLness through releasing their extra pounds but we also need to be educating our children and setting good examples in schools and nurseries.

I was shocked to hear one of the local Private Schools offers cake and jam sandwich before prep and that every child in my local Primary School was offered a biscuit before each SAT exam – REALLY? Forget the nutritional implications what about the reward sugar loop being established! And I don’t know about you but cake and biscuits make me sleepy and fuddled!

Plus we need to be educating people about the drug food industry and stop putting our heads in the sand and pretending the Franken food most of us now consume is real food and is serving us WELL! Bring back Home Economics one client cried – exactly where I started my journey (just not with the current out moded food pyramid)!

Now I am not arrogant enough to say I have all the answers for all of the people, but I do know there is another way that has moved away from BMI, low fat and calorie counting – the very formula that got us here today. Not everyone stays the distance to get the full benefits of the KSFL programme as for some people the lure of the wine and chocolate ( the toxic drug foods), plus the peer pressure to not be boring, is far stronger than the desire to be healthy and slim; – so do we need to look at society as a whole and what we believe about food and a healthy lifestyle? – so yes I do see a number of my clients leaving me to go back to WW and SW (and then I also see a number bounce back as they recognise and remember how WELL they feel staying away from toxic foods) Why? Because they let them eat chocolate and drink wine, and here in lies the crux of the argument as both these foods can cause inflammation and imbalance to your hormones they very things you need to have in balance for a WELL body that feels safe to release your toxic pounds. Is it time to put Vitality before Vanity?

So whilst I applaud the NHS for recognising it’s not managing the situation on its own and wanting to do something proactive about the obesity epidemic,  I do think they could have looked a little further outside the box and ensured the product they were promoting would serve all their clients WELL – surely local surgeries with forward thinking Dr’s could be allowed to choose who they want to partner with to provide their patients with the choice they deserve to beat this epidemic? After all having choice is better than not having choice.

green glassI am fortunate enough to have a number of clients who work within the NHS at varying levels and they are in despair at the state of the heath of their own institution. I know nurses who survive the night shifts on Haribo  and Red Bull (other forms of sugar hits are available) and then we wonder why the very people who should be helping us feel better are unwell themselves! Dr’s who are overweight and unfit telling  clients to lose weight and many more not even discussing nutrition with their clients as a form of healing – now there could be a FABulous place to start – let your food be your medicine…………………..

What do you think?


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